30 Super Cool Art Techniques for Kids

Looking for some super cool and unique art projects for kids? Here’s 30 art techniques your kids are sure to go crazy for!

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30 Super Cool Art Techniques for Kids

My kids absolutely love creating, and this summer we’ve been doing lots of lots of art! They are as happy as clams just working with simple materials like crayons, scissors and glue, but it’s always fun to occasionally throw in some new ideas too! I love seeing the excitement on their faces when I pull out new materials or show them new ways to use art supplies. They will often sit for over an hour using these new techniques!

Some of our most popular posts on Buggy and Buddy have been unique art projects. I’ve included them in this collection along with many other super cool art techniques we can’t wait to try! 


30 Super Cool Art Techniques for Kids

unique art for kids

1. Embossed Tin Art from Babble Dabble Do

2. Splatter Paint and Tape Resist from Buggy and Buddy

3. Bubble Wrap Printing from Art Bar

4. The Painting Machine from My Nearest and Dearest

5. Yarn Stamp Art from Fantastic Fun and Learning


 super cool art techniques

6. Black Glue Watercolor Painting from Fun at Home with Kids

7. Easy Melted Crayon Art from Pink Stripey Socks

8. Sharpie Art with Photo Paper from Happy Hooligans

9. Painting with Watercolors and Salt from Buggy and Buddy

10. Glossy Corn Syrup Paint from Pink Stripey Socks


 unique art for kids

11. Art Using Chalk and White Tempera Paint from Buggy and Buddy

12. Crayon Transfer Technique from Tiny Rotten Peanuts

13. Cracked Wax Resist from Blog Me Mom

14. Ink and Tempera Paint Resist from Buggy and Buddy

15. Large Scale Rain Painting from Twodaloo


 super cool art for kids

16. Pulled String Painting from Inspiration Laboratories

17. Using Cooking Oil to Blur Oil Pastels from Pink Stripey Socks

18. Art with Watercolors and Droppers from Buggy and Buddy

19. Black Glue and Watercolor Symmetry from Buggy and Buddy

20. Exploring Negative Space from Fun-A-Day!


 cool art for kids

21. Oil and Watercolors from Babble Dabble Do

22. Salt Art from Buggy and Buddy

23. Fold and Dye Tissue Art from Blog Me Mom

24. Printmaking for Kids from My Nearest and Dearest

25. Marbled Milk from Meri Cherry


 unique art for kids

26. Pour Painting with Watercolors from Housing a Forest

27. Art Using Crayons and Sandpaper from Buggy and Buddy

28. Bottle Cap Mural from Meri Cherry

29. Stencils and Chalk from Buggy and Buddy

30. Paper Weaving from Babble Dabble Do


Want to see even MORE awesome art techniques? Check out 25 Easy Art Techniques for Preschoolers over on Happy Hooligans! 

25 Easy Art Processes for Kids from Happy Hooligans


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  1. Meri Cherry says:

    Thanks for including me Chelsey!!!

  2. Thank you for compiling some great creative play ideas for me to go through.

  3. Wow! What a wonderful list (and the post is beautiful too! Thanks for including our crafts too!

  4. Such awesome and fun ideas!


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