Process Art: Painting with Liquid Watercolors and Droppers

If you’re looking for some really cool art for kids, you’ll want to try our latest art process art project. We used droppers and liquid watercolors to create really colorful and interesting art- such a fun activity for little hands! So much fun for toddlers, preschoolers and on up!

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Painting with Watercolors and Droppers (Art for Kids)

Watercolors always seem to be our go-to art material when we’re looking for something quick and easy. (Be sure to check out these other projects using watercolors: Colorful Newspaper Snowflakes and Tide Pool Art for Kids.) So today when I was trying to think of an easy project to keep my poor sick little guy occupied, I grabbed our usual favorite material- watercolors!


Art for Kids: Painting with Watercolors and Droppers

This project was actually more fun than I bargained for- Theo had a BLAST observing the unusual patterns and colors spreading over his paper!  And it also doubled as a learning experience. Theo has never used a dropper before, so he felt quite a bit of pride learning a new skill. (This post contains affiliate links.)

Materials for Process Art Project


paint water on paper


Start by painting your whole sheet of watercolor paper with water.


using a dropper with watercolors


Add some liquid watercolors to some containers. Place a dropper or pipette in each. Theo had never used a dropper before so we practiced with it for quite a while- just sucking watercolors into the dropper and squeezing them out over and over!


Art for Kids: Painting with Watercolors and Droppers


Now fill a dropper with some watercolor, and squeeze out one drop onto your paper. Watch what happens! Keep adding more and more to create some beautiful art!


Art for Kids: Painting with Watercolors and Droppers


Theo decided to see what would happen when he dropped paints on top of each other.


Looking at his painting


He loved the results!


Toddler Watercolor Painting


“I make butterfly, Mommy!”


Painting with two droppers


Then he discovered that painting with two droppers is also really fun!


making an x


And he was also pretty excited that he could make the letter ‘x’ with two droppers. “X, Mommy!!”  I got to see that ‘x’ at least 20 times today!


Watercolors and droppers


Theo ended up creating quite a bit of art with this technique! I’ll definitely be pulling this quick and easy painting activity out again!


Creating Unique Art with Watercolors and Droppers~ Buggy and Buddy

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Process Art for Kids: Painting with watercolors and droppers (pipettes)- lots of fun for toddlers, preschoolers, and on up! Great way to explore color mixing too! ~


  1. This one is easy to set -up and so fun! Will have to do this with Aarya and I am sure he is going to love it 🙂

  2. How great for fine motor skills! He certainly looks like he enjoyed it – and the end result is lovely too!

  3. If you don’t have water colours, water and food colouring works well too. I normally let the kids do it on a folded piece of paper towel and when you open it up, it’s awesome.
    Thanks for the ideas!!!

  4. Love it! The double droppers are the best part. It’s like magic when the paint spreads around…

  5. Great idea! Just did this with my three kids (4.5, and 2 year old twins). It was a huge success. Love that is all safe materials cause twinkie #1 was sticking the dropper in his mouth lol!!:)

  6. Love how simple, creative and beautiful this art project is. Pinned!

  7. We love droppers and pipettes too, Chelsey! I love that ah-ha moment when they understand how to suction and then release the liquid. Thank you for sharing on my Facebook page!

  8. Lovely! I just shared this on my Facebook page.

  9. Great idea! Thanks for another fun thing to do with my grandchildren.

  10. Thanks for sharing this! I’ll be featuring it on B-Inspired Mama’s Kids Co-Op Link Party tomorrow.

  11. What a fun technique. I just pinned it and featured you at Mom’s Library over at Meaningful Mama. Thanks so much for linking up this week! I hope you’ll join us again.

  12. This is a great idea. Also you can use a white crayon to draw on the paper before wetting it, then watch the image appear as the colors are dropped on to the paper.


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