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Hi and welcome to Buggy and Buddy-an extensive resource for parents, homeschoolers, and classroom teachers to find ways to inspire creativity and self-confidence in their children while promoting learning and fun.


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Buggy and Buddy


My name is Chelsey- a creator, writer, former elementary school teacher, avid reader, and lifelong learner.  I’m also a wife to my super fun (and funny) husband, Paulie (currently an elementary teacher)…

Buggy and Buddy


…and a mom to the two most wonderful kids~ Theodore (Buddy) age 6 and Lucy (Buggy) now 9.

The Inspiration behind Buggy and Buddy


We live on the central coast of California which provides us with many fabulous opportunities to learn and explore!

playing and learning on the central coast of California


About Buggy and Buddy

Buggy and Buddy is full of ways to inspire you to create, play, and learn with your children, and in doing so, help form confident little beings that love learning! In my past 12 years of classroom teaching I saw the importance of a high self-esteem in children. A child that feels confident in him or herself and isn’t afraid to try new things will flourish. Buggy and Buddy is full of experiences to help to create confident children!

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I’m a strong believer in following your child’s lead. Take the time to sit back and watch your children play and create. You’ll learn so much about them and discover some new interests they may have. So many activities on Buggy and Buddy allow you to work together with your children to create, while also giving them enough independence to discover on their own.

Theo is having the time of his life!


I’m also a lover of books! You’ll find many of our favorite children’s books on Buggy and Buddy paired with a fun learning activity to help your child connect to the story. You can find all my activities inspired by children’s book here in alphabetical order by book title.

I invite you to start exploring my site and find some activities that interest you. You’ll find things like this fun STEM activity on making straw rockets, how to make an adorable paper plate pufferfish, and  to how to design a paper plate marble maze!

Buggy and Buddy is also full of free printables and science activities to help you provide quality learning experiences for your child and promote creativity.


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Thank you so much for stopping by! Please don’t hesitate to share your ideas and experiences in the comment sections of my posts or on Facebook. You can always contact me at buggyandbuddy at gmail dot com.


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