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Must-have Books and Ebooks for teachers, homeschoolers, and parents!

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STEAM Kids: 50+ Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math activities for kids

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50+ STEAM (STEM + Art) Activities for Kids: These science, technology, engineering, math and art activities will help instill a love of learning and creativity in your child or students! STEAM Kids includes 50+ STEAM activities with photos and directions, suggested shopping list, student journal page, field trip suggestions, and a weekly activity planner!

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STEAM Kids Valentine’s Day

STEAM Kids Valentine's Day

Available as an ebook

STEAM Kids Valentine’s Day is packed with 14+ super sweet projects perfect for February. All the activities are designed for ages 4-10 and are showcased in an easy to use, photo-rich format.

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STEAM Kids Christmas

STEAM Kids Christmas

Available on Amazon or as an ebook

Inside the book you’ll find 25 days of holiday projects for kids, plus a printable, buildable advent calendar, Christmas STEAM Challenge Cards, and shopping lists to make prep easy

This book will help you inspire your kids to engineer, create, design, explore and build the unimaginable. Never again hear the words “I’m bored” muttered from your kids.

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Price: $14.99 (ebook)

Up! will take your child’s love of blocks and building, and take them far and wide across the curriculum. With 30+ projects across math, literacy, science, art, and play, plus 100 printables, Up! shows you how to support passion-led, project-based, hands-on learning. It will help your child make connections, go deeper in their understanding, and encourage their questions and creativity.

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Exploring Books Through Play

Exploring Books Through Play: 50 Activities for Exploring 10 Popular Children's Books from The Preschool Book Club

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We chose 10 popular children’s books that focus on empathy, friendship, and acceptance and created 5 fun, hands-on activities to extend the learning from each book for a total of 50 activities! You’ll find math games, science exploration, writing, activities, sensory play, and more!

This book is a wonderful resource for teachers, parents, daycare providers, and homeschooling families  and is perfect for large or small groups. Ideal for children ages 3-8 years old, the activities can be adapted for multiple skill levels and developmental stages.

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ABCs and 123s

ABCs and 123s Ebook

Price: $14.99 (ebook)

ABCs and 123s is an ebook that contains 40+ hands-on play ideas that will help your child build their letter and math skills for ages 2 to 8! You’ll find meaning ways to help your child learn counting, addition, subtraction, spelling, ABC order, writing letters and numbers, developing language skills and more!

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Fizz, Pop, Bang! 40 Playful Science & Math Activities

Fizz, Pop, Bang! 40 Playful Science and Math Activities for Ages 3-8

Price: $9.99 (ebook)

This ebook is full of 40 hands-on science and math activities for kids ages 3 through 8 (and also comes with 20 printables)!  Such a great way to help any child develop a love of science and math in a fun and playful way!

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Must-have Books and Ebooks for teachers, homeschoolers, and parents!

Must-have books and ebooks for teachers, parents, and homeschoolers! Resources for teaching STEM and STEAM, ideas for popular children's books, math activities, and hands-on alphabet learning!