Paper Plate Pufferfish Craft for Kids

This paper plate pufferfish craft for kids is super cute and easy to make! It makes a perfect addition to your unit on fish, oceans, and sea life, or simply do it just for fun.  This art project for children also provides lots of cutting practice for little hands!

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paper plate pufferfish craft for kids

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We’ve been on a paper plate crafting kick- especially when it comes to sea animals! We’ve made a paper plate octopus and just recently a paper plate sunfish. We just always seem to have paper plates around the house and get inspired to turn them into all sorts of crafts and art projects.

Most recently, we used paper plates to make a pufferfish craft. I love how the edges of the paper plate look just like the little spikes on the pufferfish, and making those spikes provides lots of lots of scissor cutting practice too!

The kids and I looked at images of different pufferfish online to inspire us to when deciding on colors and shapes to make our pufferfish crafts. I also incorporated some fun painting techniques into the project that the kids loved!


paper plate pufferfish craft for kids

Paper Plate Pufferfish Craft for Kids

Materials for Pufferfish Craft


Directions for Making Pufferfish Craft

1. Start by painting your paper plate with tempera paint. This will be the body of the fish. You can use just one color or paint the body a variety of colors.


2. When looking at images of pufferfish online, we noticed some were spotted. We used cotton swabs to dot paint details onto our painted plates.


painting with cotton swabs


3. Use scissors to cut slits all around the edge of your paper plate. We cut our slits from the edge of the plate to the inner circle ridge.


4. Use your scissors to cut off every other resulting tab along the edge of the plate so you have spaces between each spine.


paper plate pufferfish craft for kids


5. Now trim each spine a bit shorter. *


paper plate pufferfish craft for kids


6. Cut out two fins from your construction paper and glue them to your pufferfish.


7. Cut out two eyes and glue them onto your pufferfish face. Draw a mouth for your fish.


paper plate pufferfish craft for kids


* You could eliminate step #5 by originally cutting the slits much shorter. Older kids may be able to do this, but I find younger kids need that stopping point provided by the inner circle ridge in the plate. They also do love giving the spikes a “haircut” at the end.


That’s it! Aren’t they cute?

paper plate pufferfish craft for kids


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Paper Plate Pufferfish Craft for Kids

Paper Plate Pufferfish Craft for Kids: Easy fish craft for children perfect for a unit on the ocean, sea life, or just to make for fun! Provides fine motor practice and scissor cutting practice too! ~


  1. Lovely! And I love the colors that you’ve painted it with.Should definitely try that Crayola liquid paint instead of just picking the cheapest one at the shop 😀

  2. Hi Chelsey! This project is just super adorable. I love the final look. I’m definitely going to make some of these with my daghter, she’ll love it! She love doing crafts and I bet she’ll really like this one too!


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