Ink and Tempera Resist Ocean Scene Art Project for Kids

For our latest art project for kids, we’re creating ocean scenes using india ink and tempera paints. This resist art technique ended up being one of our favorites!

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Art for Kids: Ocean Scenes Using Tempera Paint & India Ink~ Buggy and Buddy

Ink and Tempera Resist Ocean Scenes

We’ve had fish on the brains since we’ve been busily planning Lucy’s upcoming fish themed birthday party. (I just love that she came up with the most random birthday theme!) So I thought it’d be fun to paint some ocean scenes using a material we’ve never tried before~ india ink!

This resist technique ended up being so fun, and I love how the finished pieces turned out! (This post contains affiliate links.)

Materials for the Art Project

Directions for Ink and Tempera Resist Ocean Scenes

1. Start by sketching a simple ocean scene on your paper using pencil. We did some fish and seaweed.

sketching fish and seaweed


2. Use your tempera paint to paint around your fish and seaweed. Let it dry completely. (We made our tempera paint very thick by adding small amounts of water and mixing it into the powder until it was like a thick paste.)

Using tempera paint to paint around sketch


Using tempera paint to paint around sketch


3. Paint your fish and seaweed using the ink. (Be very careful using the ink as it will stain.) Let it dry completely.

painting with india ink


ready to wash off tempera paint


4. Once the ink is completely dry, it’s time to rinse off the tempera paint. Hold your painting under some water. Use your fingers to gently rub off the tempera paint. Because the tempera paint is water soluble, it will rinse off in the water (leaving some color behind) while the waterproof india ink will remain in place.

Rinsing off the tempera paint leaving the ink on the paper


5. Once you’ve finished rinsing off the tempera paint, let your paper dry.

ready for watercolors


6. Finish your painting by adding some blue watercolor to complete your ocean.

Art for Kids: Ocean Scenes with Watercolor & India Ink~ Buggy and Buddy


We really enjoyed creating with this art technique! I just love the unique look it gave our ocean silhouette paintings.



Ocean Art Project for Kids Using India Ink and Tempera Paint Resist ~


  1. This is great Chelsey! I remember doing something like this as a kid. So cool!

  2. This is so pretty! Pinning!

  3. This is awesome! One of the most’s beautiful-open-ended process I’ve seen lately!

  4. stephanie says:

    Have been seeing this all over the place! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing at After School!

  5. Oh wow! What a neat idea!

    Thank you for stopping by the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop this week. We hope to see you drop by our neck of the woods next week!

  6. Very interesting. I have never seen this type of resist before. Thanks for sharing on the Thoughtful Spot Blog Hop.


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