Learning Shapes: Sponge Stamped Triangle Collage

Here’s a fun activity for kids that combines learning shapes and art: sponge painted triangles! In this simple art activity children will use sponges and tempera paint to make a triangle collage!

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Learning Shapes Activity: Sponge Stamped Triangle Collage~Buggy and Buddy

Stamping with sponges is one of my 3 year old’s favorite art techniques! (He loved making these sponge painted caterpillars!) So when Theo began showing an interest in learning shapes, I decided to combine his love of sponge painting with shapes and came up with our sponge stamped triangle collage! (This post contains affiliate links.)

Sponge Stamped Triangle Collage

Materials for Art Project

materials for triangle collage art for kids

Directions for Art Project

1. Cut your sponges into various triangles. I made them different sizes and included isosceles, equilateral, and right triangles.

cut sponges into triangles


2. Squeeze some tempera paint onto your paper plate.


3. Dip a sponge triangle into the paint and stamp it onto the paper.

sponge painted triangle collage


4. Continue with all different sizes and colors.

triangle collage art for kids


5. Explore using different colors of construction paper and paint colors to come up with all kinds of triangle collages!

Learning Shapes Activity: Sponge Stamped Triangle Collage~ Buggy and Buddy


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  1. I like the idea of sticking with one shape for the whole project. I’ve been thinking about trying circles too!

  2. I love the simplicity of this post soooooo much!!

  3. You know I have noticed when I have more than 1 option…Aarya just doesn’t enjoy as much as, if I give him one thing. I think I should try this too 🙂

  4. I love how tactile this shapes lesson is … sensory, art and geometry all in one! Thanks for sharing at the After School Linky Party.


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