Glowing Campfire Craft for Kids

Kids love making and playing with this glowing campfire craft! It’s super easy to make and perfect for summer, fire safety week, summer camp, or for imaginative play!

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This pretend campfire craft was an absolute hit with my kindergarten group! After reading Marshmallow Kisses by Linda Crotta Brennan, we got busy creating our very own light-up bonfire craft. Not only did the kids enjoy making their glowing campfires, but they couldn’t wait to get busy setting up a pretend camping area in the classroom and roasting their cotton ball marshmallows.


I love how very little prep is involved- you basically just need to gather the materials. And the kids were able to do it all on their own!


Glowing Campfire Craft for Kids

Glowing Campfire Craft for Kids

Materials for Glowing Campfire Craft


Directions for Glowing Campfire Craft

1. Cut your tissue paper up into little squares (or you can buy precut tissue paper squares).


2. Scrunch up a piece of tissue paper and glue it to the outside of a clear, plastic cup.


Glowing Campfire Craft for Kids


Continue until the entire cup is covered. (Some kids liked using the eraser end of a pencil to scrunch up their tissue paper, while others preferred scrunching the pieces into balls.)


Glowing Campfire Craft for Kids


3. As your tissue paper is drying, make a marshmallow roasting stick by gluing a cotton ball onto the end of a twig or thin craft stick.


Glowing Campfire Craft for Kids


4. Add some logs to your campfire by cutting strips of brown construction paper. Use a brown marker or crayon to add some details to your logs.


Glowing Campfire Craft for Kids


Now it’s time to set up your campfire! Start by setting up your logs. Place your LED tea light on top the logs and then put your tissue paper cup over the light.


Glowing Campfire Craft for Kids


Go somewhere dark and watch it glow. It looks just like a real campfire!




My kindergarteners were so excited to get playing with their campfires. They all ran to the darkest area of the classroom and set up their campfires and bonfires together in a huge group. It was so cute!


Glowing Campfire Craft for Kids


A few of the kids were even making plans on how they’d be using them at home. One girl couldn’t wait to get home so she could use it with her dolls. Another student had plans to use it as a nightlight when he went to bed!


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Glowing Campfire Craft for Kids- Perfect summer craft for summer camp, fire safety week, or a summer camp activity! ~


  1. What a great idea, perfect for pretend play.

  2. I loved this so much as did both of my kids, 4, and 12! Lol! I even added some foam logs for a more permanent setup! Enjoy!

    • I am in LOVE with your foam logs!! Such a great idea! Thanks so much for sharing this, Jennifer! I’m sure many readers would love to try this more permanent version. Yay! 🙂

  3. can we paint the tissues ?

  4. Virginia Miller says:

    I love that you are teaching Kindergarten and still valuing the power of play and child-directed learning! Good for you (and for your students!).


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