Silhouette Winter Tree Art Project for Kids

This silhouette winter tree art project uses some really cool art materials and techniques. Kids will love the process of creating this winter tree artwork using tissue paper, starch, and more!

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Silhouette Winter Tree Art Project for Kids: Fun art activity using india ink and tissue paper! ~


We’ve been on an india ink kick lately when it comes to creating. (We’ve used it to make cool ocean scenes and spooky trees!) This time we combined the use of ink with some of our other favorite art materials to make some super neat looking winter trees. This would be a fun art project for first grade and up! This post contains affiliate links.


Silhouette Winter Tree Art Project for Kids

Silhouette Winter Tree Art Project for Kids

Materials for Silhouette Winter Tree Art Project


Directions for Silhouette Winter Tree Art Project

1. Paint a winter tree onto your art paper using a paintbrush and black india ink. (India ink will stain clothing, so be sure to cover up or wear something you don’t mind getting stained.) Let it dry completely.


paint a winter tree using black india ink


2. Tear strips of light blue tissue paper. Place them across your art paper, covering your painted tree. Adhere them by painting over them with liquid starch. Let this dry completely. (Some ink may spread. This is okay! It adds to the foggy, silhouette look of the artwork.)


use liquid starch to adhere light blue tissue paper to your winter art


3. Paint another winter tree onto your artwork using india ink. Let it dry.


paint another winter tree right onto your artwork


4. Add some glittery, silver snow to your trees using liquid glue and glitter.


add silver glitter to your winter tree


5. Optional: You can add some snow to the bottom of your art using a sponge dipped in white tempera paint.


sponge paint white snow


Display your finished work!


Silhouette Winter Tree Art for Kids

Silhouette Winter Tree Art Project for Kids


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  1. These are so beautiful Chelsey – do you think anything other than liquid starch would work?

    • I am wondering the same thing. I am trying spray starch tomorrow morning before class.

      • Hi Lesley- I’d love to hear your results with the spray starch! The only other liquid I was thinking of would be watered down glue, but it might be a bit more challenging to use with the tissue paper. I could see the tissue paper tearing more easily.


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