Symmetry Christmas Tree Art Project for Kids

Combine art and math with this symmetry Christmas tree art project for kids. All you need to get started is some paper, scissors, and glue!

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Symmetry Christmas Tree Art Project for Kids: Fun way to combine art and math! ~


My students always loved making these symmetry jack-o-lanterns each fall, so I thought we’d use the same technique to create Christmas trees! This Christmas tree art project is perfect for first grade and on up. This post contains affiliate links.


Symmetry Christmas Tree Art Project

Materials for Symmetry Christmas Tree Art Project


Directions for Symmetry Christmas Tree Art Project

1. Select two contrasting colors of construction paper to use for your art project. (We used white for the background and green for the tree.) The background sheet of construction paper should measure 12×18 inches, and the paper used to create the tree should measure 9×12 inches (half of the background sheet).

2. Place your background paper in front of you. You will be gluing paper onto it.

3. On you smaller piece of paper (ours was green), draw half of a Christmas tree along the vertical edge. Use scissors to cut it out. Be sure to save the scrap!

4. Glue the scrap paper down on one side of the background paper. Flip the cut out tree to the other side. You can glue it down as is, or continue cutting to make more shapes.


positive negative space christmas tree art project for kids


5. We cut out a smaller tree shape from our original cut out tree and flipped over the line of symmetry again to add to our picture.


Symmetry Christmas Tree Art Project for Kids


Do this as many times as you’d like. Once you’re happy with your finished design, use a glue stick to glue your cut paper down onto the background paper.


Symmetry Christmas Tree Art Project for Kids


More Ideas

  • When you’re finished with your symmetry Christmas tree, you can add decorations to it. Try using a black Sharpie to add designs on your tree or glue some pom pom ornaments on the branches!
  • Try making more Christmas tree art using different colored paper.


Symmetry Christmas Tree Art Project for Kids



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