Oil Pastel Winter Tree Art Project for Kids

Here’s a simple winter tree art project for kids using oil pastels. This art activity provides a wonderful way for children to explore different shades of cool, winter colors while creating their very own winter tree drawings!

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Winter Tree Art Project for Kids using oil pastels!

I love how these winter tree drawings look so vibrant, and they’re actually very simple to make. This winter art project is perfect for kindergarten, first grade, and on up! This post contains affiliate links.


Winter Tree Art Project for Kids Using Oil Pastels

Materials for Winter Tree Art Project

Directions for Winter Tree Art Project

1. Start by placing your black construction paper vertically in front of you.

2. Draw a trunk for your tree using different shades of brown oil pastels.

3. Add a top to your winter tree using different greens.


winter tree art for kids with oil pastels


4. Use white and light blues to make snow on the ground.


draw snow with oil pastels


5. Color in a vibrant, blue night sky.


winter tree art project for kids using oil pastels


6. To add snowflakes to your drawing, dip a cotton swab into some white tempera paint and dab the paint onto your paper.


add snowflakes using paint and q-tips


7. Let your paint dry and display your finished artwork!


Winter Tree Art Project for Kids using oil pastels!


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Winter Tree art project for kids: Make vibrant winter trees using oil pastels! Super easy and quick art activity for children of all ages.   ~ BuggyandBuddy.com


  1. […] 3. Winter Tree Art.   For Christmas I got this giant art kit that had pencils, pastels, chalks, crayons and markers.   It’s been on my wish list since 1988 and my Mom FINALLY got it for me.   It was pretty much the sweetest gift ever.  So we’re well stocked up on supplies like the oil pastels required to make this project.  If we’re keeping it real though, you could TOTALLY use crayons.  And just look.   You can make these while wearing pajamas; life is good.  Check out this link for more detailed instructions. […]

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