What Can You Do with Liquid Starch?

Who knew there were so many art projects and sensory play recipes for kids using liquid starch! Here’s a list of some of my favorite activities for kids using liquid starch- from slimes to paper mache! (This post contains affiliate links.)

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All kinds of activities for kids (including slimes and art projects) using liquid starch!

*This post was originally published on December 15, 2014 and has since been updated.

When people see bottles of liquid starch on my crafting supply shelf, they often ask what in the world I do with it all? Turns out there’s tons of fun things you can do with it! We’ve used it for art projects and to make slimes, but there’s even more kid activities out there using liquid starch.

I usually have multiple bottles of the liquid starch on hand because it ends up being cheaper for me to buy it in bulk. I haven’t been able to find it locally, so I purchase mine on Amazon.

They sell the liquid starch in groups of six with free shipping (usually ranging in price from $17- $22 for all six bottles). I usually keep a couple for myself and donate the others to the kids’ teachers. (I love how Fun at Home with Kids included liquid starch in her DIY Sensory Kit Gift Basket!) You can also buy it individually.

liquid starch

You can check here for the current price of a 6-pack of liquid starch.

When I was a kindergarten teacher, we used the liquid starch often to make sun catchers with tissue paper. More recently, I’ve used it with a few art projects I’ve done with the kids and to make slime.

But, there’s even more fun to be had with it beyond what I’ve done. Here’s some of my favorite activities for kids using liquid starch!

15+ Projects and Activities for Kids Using Liquid Starch

art projects for kids using liquid starch

Marbling: We used the liquid starch along with paints to make marbled paper for our Christmas tree art.

Stiffen Art Projects that Hang: Starch is a great way to stiffen hanging artwork to keep it from curling over time. We used it to stiffen these newspaper snowflakes.

Paper Mache: Liquid starch can be used in making a no-cook paper mache glue. from Crayon Box Chronicles


making bubbles, silly putty and goop with liquid starch

Reusable Bubbles: Need a fun activity for a rainy day? Liquid starch was used to make these awesome giant reusable bubbles! from Twodaloo

Silly Putty: You can even make your own silly putty with liquid starch! from Learn Play Imagine

Goop: One sensory play material we can’t wait to make with our starch is this silky soft goop! from Blog Me Mom


sun catchers made from tissue paper

Sun Catchers and Stained Glass Effects: Like I mentioned earlier, liquid starch is perfect for making window art like sun catchers and artwork with a stained-glass look.


Slimes: One of the most popular uses for liquid starch lately is to make homemade slimes! There are so many creative ones out there. Here are a few of my favorites!

liquid starch slime


liquid starch slime recipes


Do you have any projects using liquid starch to add to the list? I’d love to hear what other fun things we can do with liquid starch!



All kinds of creative ways to use liquid starch- slime recipes, sun catchers, silly putty recipe, and more!


  1. Golden G. says:

    Walmart sells 64 oz giant bottles of Sta-flo liquid starch for under $3. Great crafting product


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