Make Spooky Trees for Halloween Using Blow Art

Here’s a super fun and easy art project for kids to make this Halloween- straw blown spooky trees! Children will love creating these unique looking trees by blowing through a straw.

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Halloween Art Project for Kids: Make Spooky Trees Using Straw Blow Art ~


Have you ever tried blow art using straws and paint? It’s such a fun art technique that kids always love, and Halloween is the perfect time to give it a try- the result of the blown paint makes the perfect spooky trees!


Straw Blown Spooky Tree Art Project for Halloween

Materials for Straw Blown Spooky Trees


Directions for Straw Blown Spooky Trees

1. Paint your entire sheet of art paper with watercolor paint to make your background. We tried different backgrounds and mixtures of colors!


make a watercolor background for your halloween art for kids


2. Let your background paint dry.


3. Use black liquid watercolor paint or india ink to paint a tree trunk. (The india ink shows up much more boldly than the water color paint and is super fun to use, but can stain. If you’re using it with a group of kids, make sure you have some extra hands to help!)


paint a trunk for your spooky tree


4. Now for the fun part- blowing the paint to make the spooky looking tree boughs and branches! Use a pipette or dropper to place a few drops of ink near the top of your tree trunk. (These pipettes are super cheap and have lasted me forever.)


place some black dots of ink or paint on your paper


5. Use a straw to blow the drops around your paper. They’ll create all kinds of spooky looking branches.


use a straw to blow the paint


6. Add more drops and blow those around. Continue until you like the look of your spooky tree.


Halloween Art for Kids: Spooky Trees Using Blow Straw Art Technique


7. Let it dry and hang it up for Halloween!


Extension Ideas

  • Older children can use a black Sharpie to write a Halloween poem directly onto their paper.
  • Cut out pumpkins, ghosts, and other Halloween creatures from construction paper and glue them onto your artwork.

Halloween Art for Kids: Spooky Trees Using Straw Painting


Halloween Art Project for Kids: Make spooky trees by painting with straws and air! Super cool fall activity ~


  1. Ooh love these so atmospheric

  2. Love this! Will be linking to it on my blog AND using it in my homeschool. Thanks so much.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I did this a long time ago with my 4th graders. I tried it again this week but is was blowing big blobs. Tempura paint and regular sized straws or s it the small cocktail ones?


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