Fish Paper Craft for Kids

Grab a few common crafting supplies to make this unique fish paper craft for kids! Perfect for an ocean unit or to decorate for a fish themed birthday party.

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Fish Paper Craft for Kids~ Buggy and Buddy


We’ve been brainstorming all kinds of fish activities for kids while preparing for Lucy’s fish themed birthday party. Lucy has been so involved in all the preparations for the party that I thought she’d enjoy making some of the party decorations herself!  I modified our citrus fruit paper craft and came up with this fish paper craft– perfect for decorating for the fish themed party! (This post contains affiliate links.)


Fish Paper Craft for Kids

Fish Paper Craft for Kids


Materials for Fish Craft


Directions for Fish Craft

1. You’ll need two pieces of construction paper to make the body of each fish.

cut paper in half


2. Accordion fold each sheet of paper.

fold side by side


3. Line up the folded papers like this.

folded vertical


4. Press them together and staple them right in the middle.



5. Pull down the bottom of each side so it fans out and glue the sides together where they meet at the bottom. (We used glue dots so we wouldn’t have to wait for the glue to dry. If you use liquid glue, you can paperclip the sides together after applying the glue so it will stay in place as it dries, but glue dots really make this project go much more smoothly!)

fold bottom


6. Do the same with the top of your fish.

fold top


7. Now you almost have a circle except there are two spaces are either side. Glue them both together to complete the circle.

fish paper craft for kids


8. Cut out a triangle and glue it on the circle for a tail, and add a googly eye to each side of your fish.

fish paper craft for kids


9. Punch a hole through the top of your fish, tie a string through the hole, and hang!

fish paper craft for kids


This project is a bit difficult for younger children to do on their own. You’ll definitely want to be there to help along the way! Here’s one of the fish Lucy did mostly on her own. She needed help with stapling the folded pieces together and with figuring out where to place the glue dots. She was so proud of her completed fish!

fish paper craft for kids


She wanted to make a baby fish too! You can change the size of your fish by starting with smaller or larger pieces of paper. Here’s Lucy’s baby fish!

fish paper craft for kids


We have even more ocean-themed crafts and activities on Buggy and Buddy!


Fish paper craft for kids



Fish Paper Craft for Kids: Use construction paper to make these 3-D paper fish! Perfect for an ocean unit or fish themed birthday party! ~


  1. Fun, easy, and cute! I love it. 🙂

  2. What a cute idea! I love it – Off to pin 🙂

  3. Shaakirah says:

    This is so nice and easy to make.I will try this with the kids,Thanks.


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