Hanging Citrus Fruit Paper Craft for Kids

Grab some construction paper and make these orange, lime, and lemon decorations! This easy paper craft for kids will brighten any home or classroom and also make a great addition to a unit on Chinese New year!

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Hanging Citrus Fruit Paper Craft for Kids~ BuggyandBuddy.com

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As much as I wish my children had the experience of sledding and building snowmen during the winter like I did as a child, it’s just not in the cards for us where we now live. (Although we did have a few days recently where the temperature dropped below freezing. Fingers were crossed we might see a few snowflakes, but no luck!) But, happily, Lucy and Theo are forming their own winter memories to always cherish.

We still occasionally need to bundle up here in winter to go outside, and often the kids will head out with an orange to snack on while they play. (Since most citrus here ripens during the winter months, you’ll often find oranges at snack time and grapefruits on the table for breakfast.) 


Hanging Citrus Fruit Paper Craft for Kids Inspired by the Book, An Orange in January


Each winter we read An Orange in January by Diana Aston from our winter book collection. It’s a great children’s book describing the path an orange takes from starting out as an orange blossom to arriving at a local grocery store. After reading this book, we were inspired to make our own citrus fruit out of paper to decorate our home for winter!


Hanging Citrus Fruit Paper Craft for Kids

Materials for Citrus Fruit Paper Craft

Directions for Citrus Fruit Paper Craft

1. Cut a piece of orange construction paper in half. (We’re making an orange in these directions. Switch the main color depending on the fruit you are making.)

cut paper in half


2. Accordion fold each half.

fold side by side


3. Line up the folded halves like this.

folded vertical


4. Press them together and staple them right in the middle.



5. Pull down the bottom of each side so it fans out and glue the sides together where they meet at the bottom. (We used glue dots so we wouldn’t have to wait for the glue to dry. If you use liquid glue, you can paperclip the sides together after applying the glue so it will stay in place as it dries.)

fold bottom


6. Do the same with the top of your orange.

fold top


7. Now you almost have a circle except there are two spaces are either side. Glue one side together, but leave the other side open to add leaves.

glue 3rd section


8. Cut out two green leaves. (Make sure to stack two pieces of green paper on top of each other and cut them out together so they will match up.)

cut out leaves


9. Glue one leaf onto the open side of the orange.

glue one leaf


10. Cut a piece of brown yarn for hanging your orange. Tie it into a loop. Glue the bottom of the loop onto the glued leaf.

add string


11. Glue the second green leaf on top of the yarn.

2nd leaf


12. Now glue the back of the second leaf to the orange side to complete your circle.

glue shut


13. Fold the sides of your green leaves down so they are more visible.

Hanging Citrus Fruit Paper Craft for Kids~ BuggyandBuddy.com


14. Hang up your winter decoration!

Hanging Citrus Fruit Paper Craft for Kids


You can make your fruit various sizes depending on the size of the paper you use. The orange on the left is made from 12 in. x 18 in. construction paper. The one on the right is made with 9 in. x 12. paper.

Hanging Citrus Fruit Paper Craft for Kids


 Have fun making your bright and colorful citrus fruit! 

 Hanging Citrus Paper Craft for Kids~ Buggy and Buddy


Easy Paper Craft for Kids- Make Citrus Fruit Decorations: Use these simple paper folding directions to create your own oranges, lemons, and limes from paper. (Perfect for Chinese New Year!) ~ BuggyandBuddy.com


  1. That is just plain adorable! I love that orange… it would be so fun to make with the kiddo!

  2. Those are adorable!!!

  3. these are beautiful and what a fun winter book activity. if you have time we would love for you to link it up to our winter book linky- its open all month:) http://fun-a-day.com/diy-snowman-kit/

  4. oh, these are cute. I’ve never heard of the book before, I’ll have to put it on our library list!

  5. This is so neat, I love it! I’ve never read the book. On my list to get now!

  6. This is soooo cute- so great for fine motor skills! I really want to read that book too, looks cute.

  7. This is such a clever idea. This works wonderfully as a craft for Chinese New Year. The Chinese New Year is at the end of January this year and I have been looking for simple crafts my little ones can do to get into the holiday. A very old Chinese New Year tradition is to stack mandarin oranges with leaves intact on to a tray and give as gifts. The mandarin oranges represent coins and giving them is a wish for wealth to the recipient in the new year. It is a great way to share this tradition with my young children. Thank you!

    • Thank you so much, Faith! I never even thought of using it for Chinese New Year~ just love it! The stacking of mandarin oranges as gifts is such a neat tradition. I can’t wait to share this with my daughter!


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