18+ Fine Motor Activities for Kids Using Yarn

Looking for some creative fine motor activities for children? Keep on reading to discover over 18 fine motor activities for kids using yarn!

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Over 18 Fine Motor Activities for Kids Using Yarn

Last week’s Discover & Explore was filled with all kinds of fun fine motor activities for kids! Because yarn is always a crafting supply we have an abundance of (I love knitting!), I decided to focus on fine motor activities for kids using yarn!

18+ Fine Motor Activities for Kids Using Yarn

Fine Motor Activities Using Yarn from Buggy and Buddy

Bird and Nest Craft

Nest and Bird Craft


Treasure Hunt Kit Made from One Brown Paper Bag

Treasure Hunt Kit from One Paper Bag 


Fine Motor Activity for Kids with Straws, Pipe Cleaners, and String

Invitation to Create with Beads, Straws, Pipe Cleaners, and Yarn


Stuffed Paper Apple Fine Motor Activity

Stuffed Paper Apples


Very Hungry Caterpillar Necklace

Caterpillar Necklace


Discover & Explore Features


Glue and Yarn Activity for Kids

Glue+Yarn from Bambini Travel


Necklace Making Fine Motor and Sensory Play

Fine Motor and Sensory Play Necklace Making from ABC Creative Learning


Yarn Wrapped Rainbow

Yarn Wrapped Rainbow from School Time Snippets


DIY Lacing Cards

DIY Lacing Cards from Where Imagination Grows


Four Yarn Sensory Bins

Four Yarn Sensory Bins from Fantastic Fun & Learning


Painting with Yarn

Painting with Yarn from Fantastic Fun & Learning


Other Yarn Fine Motor Activities


Dyed Nature Necklaces

Dyed Nature Necklaces from Twodaloo


Giant Lacing Spiderweb

Giant Lacing Spiderweb from Fun at Home with Kids


Rainbow Fine Motor Play

Rainbow Fine Motor Play from Fun-A-Day!


Spider Learning Fine Motor Table

Spider Learning and Fine Motor Table from Twodaloo


Sticky Yarn Learning

Sticky Yarn Learning from Blog Me Mom


Textured Yarn Heart Craft for Decoration

Textured Yarn Heart Craft for Decoration from Hands On: As We Grow


Yarn Line Painting

Yarn Line Painting from Crayon Box Chronicles


Sticky Yarn Creations

Sticky Yarn Creations from Laughing Kids Learn


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  1. Awesome round up! Yarn is such a fantastic material for learning. 🙂

  2. Great list of activities! Thanks for featuring our DIY Lacing Cards! 🙂

  3. Thanks so much for including our activities in this fab fine motor roundup!!


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