Press Here Inspired Tossing Math Game for Kids

Kids will love making their own hands-on math game inspired by the popular children’s book, Press Here by Herve Tullet! It’s a great way to practice those gross motor skills while also practicing counting and comparing numbers!

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Math Game for Kids Inspired by Press Here (with FREE printables)!

We have been on such a roll with activities for kids inspired by Herve Tullet’s book, Press Here. We’ve made Press Here inspired necklaces and played with our Press Here inspired playdough activity.

This time we’ve given our Press Here inspired fun a math twist with this homemade math game using paper plates! In this activity, children toss a homemade beanbag onto different colored plates and record where it lands each time. At the end of the game, the kids count up their results!

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At the end of the post you’ll also find a free printable score sheet kids can use to record their own results!

Press Here Inspired Math Game for Kids (with FREE printables)~

Press Here Inspired Math Game for Kids

Materials for Press Here Math Game

Directions for Making Press Here Math Game

1. First you’ll need to make a blue, yellow, and red paper plate for the game. My kids used watercolors to color the plates when we made the game at home. (The kids always love painting, and the watercolors dried fairly quickly.) But, when I did this activity with my Kindergarten enrichment class, we just used crayons to color our plates since we had limited time. Either method will work.

color the paper plates


2. You’ll also need one beanbag for the game. We made our own using a sock!

Fill up a sock with some beans and rubberband the sock closed.

how to make a beanbag with a sock


Fold the extra part of the sock over the beanbag part.

make a beanbag with a sock


Add black ribbon or yarn to give it some color and secure it.

Make a beanbag using a sock


3. Print out the recording sheet.

recording sheet for press here math game

How to Play the Tossing Math Game

1. Start by placing your plates in any formation on the ground. Move away from the plates, and then toss your beanbag towards the plate and see which color it lands on.

Press Here Tossing Math Game


2. Color in a dot on your scorecard with the corresponding color crayon.

color on your recording sheet


3. Continue doing this until all the dots are filled.

Sometimes you miss all the plates. Just try again!

Math Game Using Paper Plates and a Beanbag


It’s so exciting when you land of your favorite color!

Press Here Math Game for Kids


4. Count up how many red, blue, and yellow dots you got and record the results at the bottom of your score sheet. Which one has the most? The fewest?


  • Give each colored plate a point value. Toss your beanbag 3 times, recording your score for each toss. Add up your final score. Play again and see if you can beat your first score!
  • Give each colored plate a point value. Play with a friend and see who can get the highest score after 5 tosses!
  • Let your kids come up with their own ideas. I bet you’ll be surprised with how creative they can get!

 Gross Motor Counting Game inspired by the children's book Press Here! w/ free recording sheets

Free Printables

Here is a parent letter that explains the game. This would be great to send home with the kids if you make this game in the classroom. Kids can continue the learning at home and play it with their families.

Parent Letter to go with the Press Here Math Game~


Here is the recording sheet for the game. Print out a few and keep them handy!

Free Printable Record Card for the Press Here Math Game~

Gross Motor Counting Game for Kids Inspired by Press Here

Gross Motor Math Game for Kids inspired by the children's book, Press Here by Herve Tullet! Make your own beanbags using socks and use them with paper plates for a fun tossing game! (Great for counting practice.) Includes free printable recording sheets! ~


  1. What a cute game! I’ll have to get this book from the library and try out all your activities! Thanks for linking up at the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop! We hop you stop by again next week!


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