Press Here Playdough Activity

Here’s a simple sensory playdough activity for kids based on the popular book, Press Here by Herve Tullet. This activity is a great way to encourage sensory play, creativity, pattern making, and storytelling!

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Press Here Inspired Playdough Activity for Kids~


Last week I shared a fun necklace craft based on the story, Press Here. This week I’m sharing another fun playdough activity inspired by the book! In this activity, children are given black and white playdough, along with colored, wooden circles, to use in a hands-on invitation to create!

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Press Here Playdough Activity

Materials for Playdough Activity

Preparing the Activity

First, you’ll want to paint the circles since they’ll need time to dry. I bought some flat, wooden circles from my local craft store and painted them blue, red, and yellow using these acrylic paints. (You can also add a sealer to your painted circles to make them even more durable.) Let them dry completely before using.


painted wooden circles for Press Here playdough activity


Next, you’ll need black and white playdough to represent the backgrounds in the pages of the Press Here story. You can use store-bought playdough or make your own!


Set up the playdough activity in an inviting way for your children and let them explore and create!


Press Here Activity for Kids Using Playdough


Playing with the Playdough Activity

Lucy and Theo were so excited to see the Press Here story come to life in playdough form! Lucy favorite thing to do was create sculptures with her playdough and circles.

Press Here Playdough Activity for Kids


Theo enjoyed the sensory experience of pressing the circles into the playdough. Later he’d hide the circles in the playdough and have Lucy try to find them!

Press Here Playdough Activity for Kids


The kids played and created with the playdough for almost an hour! After they were finished, we cleaned up the materials and placed them within reach so they could choose to play again and again over the next few weeks!

Play Dough Activity Inspired by the Children's Book, Press Here by Herve Tullet: Fun sensory activity for toddlers and preschoolers and great way to encourage creativity, sensory play, and patterning practice! ~


  1. I love the use of black and white playdough Chelsey! So creative! Scheduled to share in the morning!


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