Necklace Craft for Kids Inspired by Press Here

Press Here is such a fun, interactive book for children! We created this simple necklace craft for kids based on the story. It’s perfect for practicing math patterns and fine motor skills too!

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Too cute! (Necklace Craft for Kids Inspired by Press Here) ~

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Necklace Craft Inspired by Press Here

Have you read the book, Press Here? If not, you definitely need to put it on your list of children’s books to buy! It’s an indisputable  favorite of both my kids because of the interactive nature of the story. Each page of the book gives the reader different instructions (like clapping hands or pressing dots) which result in the dots changing size and color on upcoming pages! The illustrations also encourage all kinds of learning like counting, math patterns, and size comparison.



We were inspired by the colorful illustrations to create our own Press Here necklaces using paper and straws! The necklace craft is a great way to encourage creativity, fine motor practice, and math patterns!


Necklace Craft for Kids Inspired by Press Here-


Materials for Press Here Necklace Craft 


Necklace Craft for Kids Inspired by Press Here~

Directions for Press Here Necklace Craft

1. Use your circle punch to cut out circles from your construction paper.


2. Punch holes in the center of each circle using your single hole punch.


3. Cut your straws into 1 inch pieces. (Some neat straw options: plain black straws, striped straws, polka dot straws, chevron straws)


Materials for Press Here Necklace Craft Activity for Kids


4. Cut the yarn for your necklace. (We cut ours to a length of 36 inches. That length gave us room to tie it when we were finished.)


5. Wrap some tape around one end of the yarn. This will make it easier for the kids to string the circles and straws.


Wrap tape around one end of the yarn


6. Invite your child to create a necklace by stringing the straws and circles onto their yarn. It’s fun to see all the designs kids come up with all on their own!


Press Here Activity for Kids: Necklace Craft~


7. Once the necklace is finished, tie the two ends together, and snip off the end with the tape. Wear your necklace proudly!


Necklace Craft for Kids Inspired by Press Here-


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