Gymboree’s New Collection Inspired by The World of Eric Carle™ (Review)

I am absolutely thrilled to do this sponsored post for Gymboree! My opinion was not swayed in any way by the compensation, as we have been happy customers of Gymboree for years!

Ever since Lucy was born over 6 years ago, I have been a frequent shopper at Gymboree. The colors and styles of their clothing and products seem to exude the happiness and joy of childhood, not to mention the quality of their clothing is always top-notch. So when I heard that Gymboree was coming out with an Eric Carle inspired collection of play clothes and sleepwear, I couldn’t wait to try them out on my kids! 

These Eric Carle inspired jammies from Gymboree have become our new favorite pajamas! - Buggy and Buddy

What We Thought about Gymboree’s New Collection

Gymboree generously sent each of my kids a pair of pajamas from their new line. (And I wish you had been able to see the kids faces when they opened them- pure excitement!) Lucy received jammies based on The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and Theo’s jammies were elephant and alphabet themed. 

The first things the kids noticed were the pictures on their new jammies, “They’re Eric Carle jammies, Mommy!” They couldn’t wait to put them on!

Why we LOVE our Eric Carle themed pajamas from Gymboree~

The Feel

And the first thing I noticed was how SOFT they felt straight out of the package. (We’ve purchased pajamas from other retailers in the past that just felt rough and seemed so uncomfortable.)  Not only are these pajamas super soft, but they’re also 100% cotton (which I love).

Eric Carle Inspired Sleepwear from Gymboree

The Fit

Of course once the kids got those new jammies on, they were super excited! I let them run around and have some fun in their new sleepwear before I wrangled them in to check the pajamas out more closely. 

Eric Carle Inspired Sleepwear from Gymboree

First I checked the fit of the pajamas. The sleepwear for both kids fit true to size. (Theo wears a 3T and Lucy wears a 6.) I also noticed how nice and snug the pajamas fit on their little bodies, and I love that the bottoms are easy to pull up and down because we are smack-dab in the midst of potty training with Theo. It’s nice for him to be able to pull them up and down on his own!

Eric Carle Inspired Sleepwear from Gymboree

Our Bedtime Routine

We put the sleepwear through quite a few nights of our bedtime routine which includes stories, face washing, teeth brushing, songs and lots of glasses of milk (because being thirsty is the prime excuse for getting out of bed in our house). I washed the pajamas after each night, and they are still super soft!

One of the most pleasant surprises was how excited the kids were to read every Eric Carle book we owned! We gathered the books all up and read them many times over the past week. (I don’t think I’ve ever had pajamas inspire quality reading before, so this was a  definite bonus!) And Theo is obsessed with letter learning lately so I’ve caught him many times over the past few days saying the letters he sees on his jammies.

Eric Carle Inspired Sleepwear from Gymboree

Definitely a Hit!

I have to say it feels good having the kids be excited to wear jammies that I also feel good about them wearing. I like that they’re made of natural fibers and feel confident they will last for quite some time!

Eric Carle Inspired Sleepwear from Gymboree

More Eric Carle Fun from Gymboree

 To celebrate their new collection, Gymboree is hosting all kinds of fun events! Head over to their Eric Carle page to see the huge variety of playwear and sleepwear available and to keep up with their latest giveaways (like the daily giveaways they’re doing through September 7th)! You’ll also find all kinds of fun printable activities towards the bottom of the page!

And starting on September 5th, Gymboree will be hosting a fun photo contest where you can win 1 of 10 gift baskets! 

Eric Carle Inspired Sleepwear from Gymboree- Buggy and Buddy

Be sure to “like” Gymboree on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @gymboree to stay up-to-date with all of their current happenings!  



  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE your images! You can tell how much they enjoy Eric Carle, the PJs and bedtime! I love this! Thank you for sharing

  2. Gymboree jammies have been my favorite since the boys were born!

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    P.S. Your pics are amazing!

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