Tooth Fairy Art Project

tooth fairy art

Now that Lucy is 5, she is so excited to finally have a visit from the tooth fairy. She is constantly checking her teeth to see if they are becoming wiggly. So when one of my Kindergarten teacher friends showed me this tooth fairy art project, I knew I just had to do it with Lucy! 

It’s a pretty simple project, yet turns out beautiful! Basically, you have your child imagine what he or she thinks the tooth fairy looks like. You child then turns this vision of the tooth fairy into a painting. You can also ask your child what they think the tooth fairy does with all the teeth they collect and record that on the paper. 


  • white paper
  • pencil
  • watercolors and paintbrush
  • fine point black marker or felt tipped pen
  • colored construction paper for mounting the artwork (optional)

Lucy sketching her tooth fairy

How We Made It:

  1. We closed our eyes and imagined what the tooth fairy might look like. I had Lucy tell me what she saw. 
  2. Then I had Lucy use a pencil and draw the tooth fairy on the blank white paper.
  3. Once she was done sketching, she used watercolors to fill in her illustration.
  4. Once the watercolor paint had dried, Lucy used a black Sharpie to trace over her pencil so the drawing would stand out.
  5. As she was working I asked her what she thought the tooth fairy did with all the teeth she collected from children. I typed out her response on the computer, printed it and cut it out. 
  6. Finally, I glued both the illustration and typed response onto black construction paper.
Tracing the painted tooth fairy with a black marker

Tracing the painted tooth fairy with a black marker

I just love how her completed project turned out! It’s definitely going in her scrapbook!



  1. That’s cute. My kids haven’t drawn the tooth fairy before. Have you heard of the book “Throw Your Tooth on the Roof?” It’s a fun book for kids loosing teeth and a way for them to learn about other cultures.

    • I have not heard of that book, but I’m for sure going to check it out! That makes me want to start a little book set around the topic. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Oh, I love this idea!! So creative. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!

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