Lego Challenge Math Activity (Free Printable)

Practicing math skills like spatial awareness and geometry can be fun, especially when the math activity involves Lego. Here’s a free printable math challenge for kids using Lego or Duplo bricks!

This activity correlates with Next Generation Science Standard (NGSS) for 2nd Grade: 2-PS1-3.

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Lego Challenge Math Activity for Kids (with Free Printable)~ Buggy and Buddy


This post was originally published on February 2o, 2014 and has since been updated.

Do your children or students love playing with Lego? Lego bricks provide many opportunities for learning and inspire so much creativity. My two year old is constantly building monster trucks with his Duplos, and my five year old can often be found creating all kinds of imaginary places with her Lego bricks.

With my children’s growing interest in all things Lego and Duplo, I decided to create a fun math activity using the Lego bricks as the main material- a Lego challenge! Not only did my daughter really enjoy creating structures based on the challenges presented to her, she was also working on her spatial awareness and geometry skills at the same time! (This post contains affiliate links.)


Lego Challenge Math Activity for Kids

All your really need for this math activity is some Lego or Duplo bricks- that’s it! You can also print out the free math challenge printable. Any child who is reading independently can do it on his/her own. For children not yet reading, you can read the challenges aloud to the child.


free printable Lego math activity for kids

Free Lego Challenge Printable


First you’ll need to gather together a group of Lego bricks to be used for the challenge. I started Lucy off with 6 bricks of the same size (2 yellow, 2 orange, and 2 green).


Lego bricks for math activity for kids using Legos


Your child or student will use all the bricks given to complete each separate challenge. Their solution can be sketched below the challenge on the free printable.


Lego Math Challenge Free Printable


For any Lego Challenge you do in the future, simply print out another copy of the same free printable, but give your child a different set of Lego bricks to use. The combination of bricks you give your child will determine the difficulty of each challenge. You can try increasing the number of bricks, varying the shape of bricks, or changing the number of colors. The possibilities are endless!


Lego bricks for math activity for kids


This Lego Challenge math activity would make a great classroom center or rainy day activity!



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Lego Challenge Math for Kids: Use Duplo or Lego bricks to complete this free printable engineering and building challenge! Fun STEM activity for a rainy day and makes a fun, hands-on classroom center too! ~


  1. What a smart idea! I love it.

  2. This looks like a fun, simple activity to use! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great idea for hands on learning and spatial awareness! What a fun way to learn!

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  7. Thanks for including our Alphabet Cards! I love this activity 🙂

  8. I LOVE this simple and open ended activity! I can’t wait to share and try it with my kids! 🙂

  9. I just used this with my Special Day Class of ALL BOYS! This was awesome and they loved it 🙂 Thank you!


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