Winter Tree Craft for Kids Using Yarn Wrapped Sticks

This winter tree craft for kids using sticks and yarn is super cute and a great way to combine creativity with fine motor skill practice!

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Make a winter tree craft for kids using yarn wrapped sticks!


We love creating with natural materials (like when we made our pressed flower and leaf bookmarks), so we couldn’t wait to get started making our yarn-wrapped winter trees using sticks we found outside! This post contains affiliate links.


Yarn-Wrapped Stick Winter Trees

Materials for Yarn-Wrapped Stick Trees


Directions for Making Yarn-Wrapped Stick Trees

1. You’ll first need to make your tree frame with the sticks. To do this, break two sticks so they are the same length (for the sides of the trees) and break one stick a bit smaller than the sides (for the bottom of the tree). Glue them together with a hot glue gun or strong glue. Then glue one longer stick down the center to form the trunk.


glue sticks or twigs together to make a tree for wrapping yarn


2. Paint your stick tree with white and/or silver tempera paint so it looks like it’s covered with snow. (I jut bought this set of metallic colored tempera paint which has been really fun!) Sprinkle it with glitter if you’d like. Let the paint dry.


paint your winter tree craft made from sticks


3. Once the paint has dried, you’re ready to start wrapping the tree with yarn. Cut off a long piece of white yarn and tie one side the side of the tree. Invite your child or student to wrap and weave the yarn around the sticks. (If you’ll be using silver pony beads on your tree, show your child how to add beads to the yarn as it’s being wrapped around the sticks.)


Once he or she is done, tie the other end of the yarn to the tree to secure it. You can add more pieces of yarn if the one piece wasn’t enough.


yarn wrapped stick trees winter craft for kids

Winter Tree Craft for Kids Using Yarn Wrapped Sticks


4. Now it’s time to embellish your tree. Glue some silver sequins (or any other craft material you’d like- these snowflake sequins would be cute) onto your tree and let it dry.


glue sequins on your finished winter tree craft made with sticks


Below you can see a finished tree made with threading pony beads on the left and a tree made with gluing sequins on the right.


Winter Tree Craft for Kids Using Yarn Wrapped Sticks


You can tie string on the top of your winter stick tree craft and hang it in your home or classroom for winter!


Winter Art Project for Kids: Winter Trees Made from Sticks and Yarn! Cute winter tree craft for preschool and kindergarten (provides fine motor practice too!) ~


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