18 Ways for Kids to Make Beads

Here’s 18 ways for kids to make beads! You’ll find all kinds of unique ideas- including beads made from fabric and even beads made from bread clay!

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Crafts for Kids: 18 Ways to Make Beads


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Beads are always one of our go-to crafting items. I’ll often take out my stash of pony beads, grab some string or pipe cleaners, and let the kids get creating. It keeps them entertained for quite some time, and they always come out with the coolest creations!


Kid Crafts Using Beads

But, you don’t always have to buy new beads for crafts- kids can even make their own. Below you’ll find some ways to embellish beads you already have and ways to make beads right from scratch!


18 Ways for Kids to Make Beads

make your own beads for crafts for kids

DIY Embellished Wooden Bead Bracelets from Buggy and Buddy

Dyed Pasta as Beads from Buggy and Buddy

DIY Homemade Sparkling Beads from Mama Miss



homemade bead craft for kids

Beads Made from Homemade Clay from Kids Play Box

How to Make Fabric Beads from Babble Dabble Do

DIY Engineer Stripe Heart Pendant from Play Trains!



DIY Beads

Straw Beads from Mama Papa Bubba

Eco Bead Bracelet Craft from In the Playroom

DIY Heart Beads from Moms and Crafters



how to make beads

DIY Fabric Bead Bracelet from Tiny Rotten Peanuts

Mixed Up Beads from Mama Miss

Polymer Clay Beads from Babble Dabble Do



bead crafts for kids

Bread Clay Beads from Mama Miss

Faux Gemstones from Moms and Crafters

Ombre Wooden Beads from Mama Papa Bubba



cool homemade bead crafts for kids

Watermelon Salt Dough Beads from Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

DIY String Wrapped Beads from Moms and Crafters

Giant Clay Beads from Babble Dabble Do


18 homemade beads- fun craft for kids

Have you made your own beads before? I’d love to hear any new ideas you have!

Crafts for Kids: 18 Ways to Make Homemade Beads- including straw beads, clay beads, fabric beads, and more! DIY beads children can use to make their own jewelry!


  1. What a great collection of ideas! We made paper beads ahead of last Christmas from magazine pages which my 8yr old then turned into a necklace for her Nanna as her gift.

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