Bracelet Craft for Kids with DIY Embellished Beads

Kids will love adding their own embellished designs to wooden beads to make a unique bracelet– such a great fall craft for kids! This DIY bracelet craft is perfect to wear to celebrate autumn, and it would also make a great homemade gift for kids to create for someone special during the holiday season.

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Kids will love embellishing their own beads for this fall bracelet craft! (Would make a great gift for kids to make for the holidays too!)


When it comes to crafts, I love simple! Just a few basic supplies are all your kids will need to make these funky fall bracelets! And kids love the added element of creating their own designs right on the beads! (This post contains affiliate links.)

Fall Craft for Kids: Bracelet with Embellished Beads

Materials for Bracelet Craft for Kids with Embellished Beads

Directions for Fall Bracelet Craft for Kids

1. Start by decorating some of the wood beads with the metallic Sharpies. You can make zig zags, polka dots, lines- any kind of design you’d like!


Decorating wood beads- fall craft for kids


(I found it helpful to stick a toothpick through the bead I was decorating to help me hold it in place as I was drawing on it.)


use a toothpick to hold the bead


2. Cut a piece of hemp cord (or any other thing string) to make the bracelet. I like to tie a bead on one end to keep the beads I string onto the cord from falling off.


tie a bead on the end of the string


3. String the wood beads onto your hemp cord. (If you are having difficulty getting the end of the cord through the bead, you can wrap a piece of tape around the end to stiffen it.)


make your fall bracelet craft for kids


4. Once you are finished, tie the two ends of your hemp cord together.


tie the ends of the bracelet craft together


5. Cut off the extra cord. You’re done!


Fall Crafts for Kids: Bracelet with Embellished


I love how unique these turned out! Wouldn’t they a be great homemade gift for kids to make for someone special during the holidays?

Embellish wooden beads to make your own bracelets and necklaces


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