STEM Activity for Kids: Free Printable Gliding Robot

In this robot craft and STEM activity, children will color a free printable robot and turn it into a gliding robot toy. This fun activity combines creativity with scientific thinking.

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Free Printable Gliding Robot Template~


We have been having all kinds of robot-themed fun in my kindergarten enrichment class! The kids loved our latest activity- creating climbing robots. Not only did the kids have fun coloring designs and patterns on their robot templates, but they came up with all kinds of predictions and theories while turning their robots into climbing toys! (This post contains affiliate links.)


free printable climbing robot craft for kids

Robot Craft: Free Printable Gliding Robot Toy

Materials for Gliding Robot

free printable robot template for climbing robot

Directions for Gliding Robot

1. Print the robot template onto white cardstock.

2. Color your robot with markers, crayons, or colored pencils.


color your robot template


3. Cut out your robot.

4. Cut two 1.5 inch pieces off your straw. Tape them onto the back of your robot.


tape two pieces of straw to the back of your robot


5. Take a piece of string about 4 feet long and thread both ends through the two straw pieces so that you form a giant loop above your robot.

6. Tie a pony bead onto each end of the string to keep the string from coming out of the straw pieces.


thread the string through the robot and tie pony beads on each end


7. Hang your gliding robot onto a doorknob or from the ceiling.


free printable climbing robot craft for kids


8. Grab one bead in each hand and pull out and away from the robot. Watch it glide up!


Free Printable Robot Glider Craft for Kids


See the Robot Glider in Action Here


Ways to Extend the Activity

– Try taping the straws at different angles and locations on your robot. How does the location of the straws affect how the robot travels?

– Compare how different types of string affect how the robot travels.


STEM for Kids: Climbing Robot Toy Printable

STEM for Kids: Free Printable Gliding Robot Toy- Fun science and art activity for kindergarten, first grade, and on up. Perfect for a rainy day! ~


  1. I love this idea! I’ll be trying it with my two preschool-aged kids tomorrow! We’re on letter “R” week and doing a week of Robot crafts. 🙂 Thank you!

  2. I bet you could make this with a big butterfly, too.


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