STEM Activity for Kids: Free Printable Gliding Robot

In this robot craft and STEM activity, children will color a free printable robot and turn it into a gliding robot toy. This fun activity combines creativity with scientific thinking. Follow our Free Printables Pinterest board!     We have been having all kinds of robot-themed fun in my kindergarten enrichment class! The kids loved our latest activity- […]

Science for Kids: Balancing Robot (FREE Printable)

Here’s a super fun science activity that really gets kids thinking! Children will explore balance and center of gravity by creating a balancing robot! Follow our Science for Kids Pinterest board!   This balancing robot science exploration has always been a huge favorite among my students! In this science activity kids will place two pennies […]

STEM Activity for Kids: Creating Hexbug Mazes and Structures

In this STEM activity, children use various loose parts and play materials to create mazes, structures, and obstacles for their Hexbugs. This activity is an absolute hit with kids and promotes all kinds of learning: planning, problem solving, engineering and building, creativity and more! (This post contains affiliate links.) Follow our Science for Kids Pinterest board!     Have you […]