STEM Activity for Kids: Creating Hexbug Mazes and Structures

In this STEM activity, children use various loose parts and play materials to create mazes, structures, and obstacles for their Hexbugs. This activity is an absolute hit with kids and promotes all kinds of learning: planning, problem solving, engineering and building, creativity and more!

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STEM Activities for Kids: Creating mazes for Hexbugs using Duplo and Magnatiles~


Have you heard of Hexbugs? If not, you must must must try them out. Hexbugs are basically micro robots  that kids go crazy for. There are different creatures available (like a spider or a scarab). In this activity we used play materials like Lego bricks, Magna-Tiles®, and even old wrapping paper tubes to create mazes and obstacles for the Hexbug Nano.




I am not exaggerating when I say this is the BEST activity to do with your children at home or students in the classroom. (It would also make a great rainy day activity.) The amount of learning taking place is enormous, and the kids are fully immersed in the activity.

Creating Hexbug Mazes and Obstacles 

For this activity you’ll just need a Hexbug Nano (which you can also buy in packs of five) and some toys you already have in your home or classroom (like blocks, Lego bricks etc.). And if possible, you’ll want to add some cardboard tubes from wrapping paper rolls. (Those were the biggest hit with the kids!)

Invite your children or students to create mazes and structures for their Hexbugs. I tried this activity at home with my preschooler and also in the classroom with my kindergarten enrichment class. It was definitely a meaningful and fun activity for both age groups!



Creating Hexbug Mazes and Structures in the Classroom

My kindergarten  enrichment class couldn’t get enough of this activity! The kids used all kinds of materials to build mazes and structures for their Hexbugs.

Some students started by combining the cardboard tubes into one long tunnel to see if their Hexbugs would make it through.


Hexbugs going through cardboard tubes


Later they combined their tunnel with another group’s maze made of Magna-Tiles®. They’d have the Hexbugs go through the tunnel and come out into the maze.


Hexbug tunnel and maze made with cardboard tubes and Magnatiles


This activity really inspired all kinds of cooperative learning and teamwork. The kids excitedly shared their ideas with one another and helped each other problem solve and create!

Creating Hexbug Mazes and Structures at Home

At home, Theo (age 3) used his Duplo set to build a structure for his Hexbug. I started by helping him build a small barricade, and he excitedly released his Hexbug inside.


Building Hexbugs Mazes and Obstacles Using Duplo blocks


Theo loved watching it travel all around inside his structure and soon wanted to make the area for his Hexbug even larger. He extended the area with even more Duplo blocks and later even built up! He was so immersed in this activity, and I was so excited to see him planning out his design and problem solving when he encountered things that didn’t work as he’d planned.


Preschool Activity: Use Duplo Bricks and Hexbugs


I can’t say enough about how much kids just LOVE this activity! Theo has been playing with his Hexbug daily and shows no signs of stopping!

 Creating Hexbug Mazes and Structures in the Classroom and at Home! ~


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Science and Construction for Kids: Build Hexbug mazes using Duplo or Lego bricks, Magna-Tiles, or other toys from home in this fun STEAM / STEM activity! ~


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