Mystery Bag STEM Design Challenge with Free Printable Challenge Cards

Take part in a super fun STEM activity using recyclables and other basic materials in this mystery bag STEM building challenge with free printable STEM challenge cards! Kids will receive a bag of mystery items and then use those materials to complete a design challenge. This activity is perfect to do both in the classroom or at […]

STEM Challenge for Kids: Build a Shelter from the Sun and Test it with UV-Sensitive Beads

In this fun STEM activity for kids, children will design and build a structure to protect an animal craft (made from UV-senstive beads) from the sun. If the beaded animal changes color, students know the shelter did not work and have the opportunity to make improvements. This design challenge is a wonderful hands-on science and […]

STEM Activity for Kids: Creating Hexbug Mazes and Structures

In this STEM activity, children use various loose parts and play materials to create mazes, structures, and obstacles for their Hexbugs. This activity is an absolute hit with kids and promotes all kinds of learning: planning, problem solving, engineering and building, creativity and more! (This post contains affiliate links.) Follow our Science for Kids Pinterest board!     Have you […]

10+ Awesome Homemade Marble Runs

Marble runs make the perfect STEM activity for kids, whether it be at home or in the classroom.  Here are 10 super awesome homemade marble runs to get you started! Follow our STEM and STEAM Pinterest board!     (This post contains affiliate links.) Now that we’re on summer vacation, we have tons of time to really get […]