Cool Sponge Crafts and Activities for Kids

Who knew there were so many cool things you could do with a kitchen sponge? Kitchen sponges are something you always have around the house, so why not use them to try out some of these unique kids’ activities! Here’s 12 cool sponge crafts and activities for kids! (This post contains affiliate links.)

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12 Cool Sponge Crafts and Activities for Kids

My kids love using kitchen sponges to create art. We’ve used them for some really fun projects like our sponge painted caterpillars and this cute Elmer the Elephant craft. (You can find even more ways to use sponges for creating in this post: Art Projects for Kids Using Sponges.)

But, can you believe there’s even more fun ways to use sponges with kids besides sponge painting? You can use them for growing seeds, playing learning games, making a toy boat and more!


Cool Sponge Crafts and Activities for Kids

Cool Ways to Use Sponges with Kids

Sponge Tower Time from Toddler Approved!

Sponge and Duct Tape Bath Boats from The Craft Train

Shamrock Sprouts from Housing a Forest


cool ways for kids to use sponges

Water Transfer with Sponges from Wildflower Ramblings

Absorption Science Water Experiment for Kids from Learning Through Playing

Butterfly Sponge Magnets from The Craft Train


cool ways to use sponges with kids

Sponge Bowling with Word Families from Toddler Approved!

Sponge Relay from I Can Teach My Child

Pretend Food Made with Sponges from One Perfect Day


what can you do with a sponge

Sponge Bomb Tutorial from Crazy Adventures in Parenting

Homemade Street Traffic Theme Bath Sponges from Learning4Kids

Floating Sponge Boats from Make and Takes


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