How to Dye Pasta

Colored pasta is one of our favorite craft and learning materials. We often dye it in batches and save it for all kinds of future kid art projects and activities.  Here’s how to dye pasta!

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Learn how to dye pasta! (Colored pasta is the perfect material for all kinds of crafts and learning activities!)~ Buggy and Buddy


As a classroom teacher, one of the first things I learned to do was dye pasta! It can be used for all kinds of learning activities and crafts, and the actual process of coloring the pasta is always a fun activity for kids.

Dyeing your own pasta is super simple and only requires a couple of ingredients. (This post contains affiliate links.)


How to Dye Pasta

Materials Needed for Dyeing Pasta

Directions for Dyeing Pasta

1. Start by placing your dried pasta into a large baggie.

Place pasta in baggie


2. Add some rubbing alcohol and food coloring to the bag of pasta. (The amount depends on how much pasta your are dyeing, but you really can’t go wrong. For one whole package of rigatoni, I used about 1/4 cup alcohol and 4-5 big squirts of food coloring.)

Add rubbing alcohol and food coloring


3. Mush the bag around so all the pasta gets covered with the rubbing alcohol and food coloring. (I did this all outside since I had a few bags that leaked a bit.) At this point you can add more food coloring if you want your color a bit deeper or add more rubbing alcohol if the color doesn’t seem to be covering all the pasta.

Mix the contents of the bag to dye the pasta


4. Let the bags sit for about 10-15 minutes. Be sure to move them around a few times to get even coverage.

Let the colored pasta sit


5. Spread some newspaper out. (We put our newspaper in a tray because it was super windy out.) Dump the pasta out of the baggie and onto the newspaper. Spread it out as best you can and wait for it to dry.

Let your dyed pasta dry on some newspaper

6. Once the pasta is completely dry, store it in some fresh baggies or containers.

What Can You Do with Colored Pasta?

Wondering what to do with all that colored pasta you just made? Here’s some ideas to get you started!


How to Dye Pasta (Perfect material for all kinds of hands-on learning activities and crafts for kids!)~ Buggy and Buddy

how to dye pasta and what to do with it


How to Dye Pasta: Use colored pasta for art projects, sensory play, and fine motor activities for toddlers and preschoolers!


  1. Great explanation of coloring pasta. And thanks for sharing our rainbow pasta craft!

  2. Looks great! Thank you! For planning purposes, how long does it take the pasta to dry?

  3. you’r pasta the colors look so vibrant. I have colored pasta before and they came out kind of dull but I like the idea of letting them sit in the baggie for a while. I will try that next time and maybe my color will come out pretty like yours. #thoughtfulspotweeklybloghop

  4. This is a lot simpler than I always thought it was. This is a great tutorial, thanks I will definitely be using this!

  5. My first year teaching, I dyed pasta this way…..but….I did not let it dry LONG enough. I Let the kids string the pasta and wear their necklaces home…Some of the children had shirts that were dyed from the food coloring! Oh boy, I learned my lesson on that one!

  6. Did u cook the pasta dry it then dye it and could i use vinger instead of alcohol?

    • The pasta is never cooked, just use it dry right out of the box! You can also use vinegar- it will take longer to dry and sometimes keeps a vinegary scent after it’s dry.


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