Fine Motor and Math Game for The Mixed Up Chameleon by Eric Carle

One of our favorite Eric Carle books is The Mixed Up Chameleon! Here’s a simple fine motor activity and counting game you can make for kids inspired by the book. There’s also a free chameleon pattern to help you create your game!

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Fine Motor & Counting Activity for Eric Carle's The Mixed Up Chameleon (with FREE printable chameleon pattern)~ Buggy and Buddy


We’re back again this week with our newest post in the Preschool Book Club Series. This week’s book is The Mixed Up Chameleon by Eric Carle! After reading about our fine motor and math game, be sure to check out all the other creative activities to go with this book linked up at the end of this post! (This post contains affiliate links.)


Fine Motor and Counting Game for Kids Based on Eric Carle's The Mixed Up Chameleon (w/ Free Template) ~

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“Feed Me Flies” Fine Motor and Counting Game

The Mixed Up Chameleon is such a fun story for kids! In the story a chameleon wishes he could be like all the other animals he sees and takes on their features as the story progresses. The kids love how he ends up one big, silly looking animal! But, in the end, the chameleon realizes it’s just best to be himself- especially when it comes to catching flies to eat!

For this week’s activity, I created a fun fine motor and counting game called “Feed Me Flies”. In this game kids gain fine motor practice as they feed ‘flies’ to the chameleon. Children can also practice their counting skills as they drop each fly into the container.


Materials for Game

free chameleon pattern printable

How to Make the Game

1. For this game you’ll need a small container. We used a plastic drink mix container. You could also use a toilet paper roll and cover the bottom of it with a small piece of paper and rubber band.

2. Print out the free chameleon printable. Color in the chameleon.


color in The Mixed Up Chameleon


3. Cut out the chameleon.


Cut out the The Mixed Up Chameleon


If a child is cutting it out, I’d recommend having them “bubble” cut it. Bubble cutting is where you imagine the image you’re cutting out is in a bubble so you just cut around the whole image rather than on the black lines.


cut out the chameleon


4. Tape your chameleon to your container.


tape The Mixed Up Chameleon to a container


5. You’ll need black pompoms for this game. We made ours resemble flies by twisting small pieces of white pipe cleaner around the pompoms. This is completely optional though. Plain black pompoms work just fine!


pompom flies


6. Gather all your materials together (chameleon container, flies, and a clothes pin or pair of tweezers) and you’re ready to play!


Fine Motor and Math Game for The Mixed Up Chameleon

How to Play the “Feed Me Flies” Game

Have your child use either a clothespin or pair of tweezers to pick up the flies one at a time and feed them to the hungry chameleon!


Feed Me Flies Math Game Based on The Mixed Up Chameleon


My 2 1/2 year old enjoyed doing this over and over for quite a while!

You can also turn it into a counting game. Using a black Sharpie, write the numbers 1-3  on a wooden block to make a die for your game. Roll the die and feed your chameleon the number of flies rolled. This was perfect for my toddler- he has been loving counting objects!


A Counting Game for The Mixed Up Chameleon


And I love that the game is so easy to clean up and store. Just put all the pieces into the container…


store the pieces for the math game in the container


…and snap the lid on. You can store it right next to the book for the kids to play again!


Fine Motor and Counting Game for The Mixed Up Chameleon

Fine Motor and Counting Game for Kids Based on Eric Carle's The Mixed Up Chameleon w/ Free Template

More The Mixed Up Chameleon Activities

We’ll be back next Tuesday with our final contribution to the Preschool Book Club series. In the meantime, be sure to check out all the creative The Mixed Up Chameleon activities created by the other participating blogs!

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Fine motor and counting game for preschool and kindergarten based on Eric Carle's The Mixed Up Chameleon! Includes a FREE template! ~


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