Building with Toothpicks and Orange Peels

Toothpicks and orange peels are both common things in our home. And since we love easy crafts for kids, we recently used them both to build all kinds of shapes and sculptures!

Building with Toothpicks and Orange Peels~ Buggy and Buddy

We’re often eating all kinds of citrus fruit in the winter, which means lots of orange peels around our house. All this yummy fruit has inspired us to create citrus themed crafts like this hanging paper citrus fruit and this adorable (and fabulous smelling) heart garland for Valentine’s Day! 

Building with Toothpicks and Orange Peels~ Buggy and Buddy

Now we’re going a slightly different route using toothpicks with the orange peels. Have you ever created sculptures with marshmallows and toothpicks? Or even apples and toothpicks? We thought we’d try out a winter version~ building with orange peels! (This post contains affiliate links to Amazon. Thank you so much for your support.)

Creating with Orange Peels and Toothpicks

After eating an orange at snack time, keep the orange peel and tear it into small pieces. Then grab some toothpicks and start building! 

Building structures from orange peels and toothpicks~ Buggy and Buddy

We found the flat toothpicks (like these) worked well with this project, especially with younger children. (We found ours at our local grocery store.)  Although round toothpicks with the poky ends also worked, but would probably be more suited for older children.

Building with Toothpicks and Orange Peels~ Buggy and Buddy

What’s really neat about this winter craft for kids is, after it dries, the orange peels harden and hold the structure together firmly. 

Building with Orange Peels and Toothpicks~ Buggy and Buddy

We had so much fun creating! Such a fun little activity to do at snack time, especially in the winter. And your house will smell wonderful when you’re all done! Easy craft + awesome smelling house = perfect activity! 

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