Valentine Ideas: Homemade Playdough & Cookie Cutter Valentine

We love homemade valentines and are always on the lookout for fun valentine ideas.  Here’s a simple and fun candy-free valentine your kids can help you put together using playdough. I’ve also included some free valentine printables to help make this valentine for kids even easier to put together!

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Homemade Valentine for Kids: Play Dough and Cookie Cutter Valentine~ Buggy and Buddy

This playdough and cookie cutter valentine is one of our absolute favorites to make and pass out each year. It’s candy-free and so much fun to make and assemble with your child! (This post contains affiliate links.)

Homemade Playdough and Cookie Cutter Homemade Valentine for Kids

Homemade Valentine for Kids: Play Dough and Cookie Cutter Valentine~ Buggy and Buddy

Materials for Homemade Playdough Valentine

  • Homemade playdough  (Here’s our favorite playdough recipe.)
  • Heart shaped cookie cutters (Similar to these. I bought mine in the dollar bins at our local Target.)
  • Clear treat bags
  • Ribbon
  • Free valentine printable (link below in directions)
  • Scissors & gluestick
  • Optional: Cute scrapbooking paper (like this cute set)

Making the Homemade Playdough Valentine

1. Make your playdough and divide into individual portions. (The recipe linked above makes enough for 8 individual portions.) Roll each portion into a ball.

Homemade Valentine for Kids: Play Dough and Cookie Cutter Valentine~ Buggy and Buddy


2. Place one playdough ball and one cookie cutter into a treat bag. Tie it closed with ribbon.

3. Print out the free valentine printables to use for valentine tags. There are two versions to choose from.


Play Dough Valentine Printables~ Buggy and Buddy


The first version is a bit larger  and has a simple heart graphic. To use this version, I cut out the text and used a glue stick to attach it to some cute scrapbooking paper.

Play Dough Valentine Printable

Homemade Play Dough Valentine Printable~ Buggy and Buddy


The other version is a bit smaller and actually fits onto shipping sized labels (2 inch x 4 inch). You can simply print the text out onto the labels and then peel and stick them onto your scrapbooking paper. Then cut them apart!

Playdough Valentine Printable Labels (Shipping Size 2 in. x 4 in.)

Homemade Play Dough Valentine Printable Labels~ Buggy and Buddy

4. After preparing your valentine tags, punch a hole in the corner. There’s room below the text for your child to write his/her name if you’d like. Then just tie them to your ribbon.

Homemade Valentine for Kids: Play Dough and Cookie Cutter Valentine~ Buggy and Buddy


5. Your valentines and done and ready to be passed out to your friends or classmates!


Play Dough and Cookie Cutter Valentine for Kids w/ Free Printable Labels & Tags~ Buggy and Buddy

 Homemade Valentine with Playdough and Heart Cookie Cutters!

Candy Free Homemade Valentine for Kids: Homemade Playdough and Heart Cookie Cutter DIY Valentine w/ free recipe tag printable! ~


  1. Very cute! My little guy loves play dough!

    Thanks for linking up with Sharing Saturday!

  2. Cute idea! I might do this if I can find some little train cookie cutters. 🙂 I saw you on Sharing Sunday.

  3. This is such a cute idea!! This would be great for my daughter’s Mother’s Day Out classmates!! Thanks for sharing. I found you on Link & Learn! 🙂

    • buggy & buddy says:

      Thanks! I love your blog by the way. I really want to try those snowflakes you made~ Lucy would love it!

      • Thank you so much! I just revamped my blog back in September to start chronicling our preschool journey among other things. Before that, it was pretty much just a journal for me and a way to keep friends and family informed, but I am loving the way it’s going now. Now that the holidays are over, we can resume our version of chaotic normal. The snowflakes are fun and pretty easy!! 🙂

        • buggy & buddy says:

          I started the same way~ just using the blog to record things with the kids. But, as I’ve decided to take a break from classroom teaching, this has morphed into something more! Can’t wait to try those snowflakes, just need to search for our painter’s tape!

          • LOL…I had to use painter’s tape, because I didn’t have any masking tape. I only had the wide painter’s tape, so I had to cut it in half so it wasn’t so fat. 😉

  4. Thanks for sharing this! I can use it with my granddaughters! Thanks for sharing at Delicate Construction.

  5. This is such a sweet idea and I love that the kids can help prepare it. Plus it’s way better than giving classmates candy.

    • buggy & buddy says:

      Thanks, Vicky. I just remember loving it so much (as did Lucy) when she received this valentine a few years back. So easy, fun and cute!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I LOVE this idea for my daughter’s preschool! Where did you find bulk mini plastic heart shaped cookie cutters? Please respond ASAP since I would love to do this for this year! Thanks!

    • buggy & buddy says:

      We were just talking about this on my Facebook page. This year I found them at Target in sets of 5. But, I remember in years past finding them at Cost Plus as singles so you could buy as many as you wanted. My Cost Plus does not have them this year, but another reader found the larger ones online.

  7. Keri Holan says:

    How much does this make? My son has 22 kids in his class so im wondering how much i would need to make. Thanks!

    • buggy & buddy says:

      I split this batch up into 8 mini play dough balls that are about 1 1/2 inches in diameter, which seem to be the perfect size if you are using mini cookie cutters (about 1 inch across) to go with it. So you’d need about 3 batches to be safe for a class of 22. If you are using full size cookie cutters (about 3 inches across), you can get about 4-5 larger dough balls from this batch. So 5 batches should be good if using the larger cookie cutters. Here’s an old post with photos of how large the batch of dough looks~ Our Favorite Play Dough Recipe. Please let me know how it turns out! Hope you both enjoy it!

  8. This is such a great idea! I love this instead of all the candy! I can tell you were a teacher who probably dealt with the Vday ‘sugar high’! 🙂 haha I read your profile and love that you are your husband are/were teachers too. My husband and I are both teachers too. You are a Featured Favorite this week on Saturday Show & Tell on Cheerios and Lattes! Thanks so much for sharing with us last week! We can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to this week! We love having you join us! 🙂
    Have a great weekend!
    Mackenzie 🙂

    • buggy & buddy says:

      Thank you, Mackenzie! So thrilled to be featured on your blog. It’s one of my absolute favorites! Happy Friday!

  9. That is such a lovely idea. So cute and much better than candy.

    Thanks for linking to the Sunday Showcase

  10. Hi there! I saw this post on Cheerios & Lattes Saturday Show & Tell . . . had to come by and check it out right away! I teach preschool and LOVE the non-candy valentine ideas. Plus, play dough fun lasts longer than eating candy (and the candy’s resultant sugar-high). Love, love, love! 🙂

    • buggy & buddy says:

      I agree~ love the non-sugar valentines so much! Thanks so much for stopping by! I was just reading your post with all the love notes from your son. So adorable! My daughter’s almost at the same stage so I know the feeling of your heart melting when you get those sweet messages!

  11. Pinning this, as well — hope that’s cool.

  12. Super cute idea! Pinning (and printing) this. Thank you for linking up to the brand new Hearts for Home Blog Hop!

  13. Great idea! I think we will use this for our Valentine’s this year! Much better idea than candy.

    Thanks for linking up to the Hearts for Home blog hop! Blessings!!

  14. Love this! We make homemade valentines every year and I love this idea! And what kids does not love play dough! Thanks so much for sharing on We Made That!

  15. Gorgeous!!!!

  16. these are just adorable. I’m going to pin this so I have it when my boy is older. Thanks!

  17. This is a fantastic idea! I think I need to find some heart cookie cutters…

  18. Hi there! Just stopped by to let you know we featured this on our recent blog post. Such a cute idea!

  19. Stephanie says:

    HI I was hoping you could tell me how long this stays formable for? Before it dries out? I need to make numerous bathes for my daughters frozen party for the Olaf station.


  20. I use a kool aid play dough recipe. Then you have scented play dough.


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