Easter Crafts: Egg Suncatchers Made with Painted Fabric

Here’s one of our most unique Easter crafts for kids- egg suncatchers made with painted fabric. Kids love the experience of painting on a canvas other than paper, and the painted fabric looks so beautiful hanging in a sunny window!

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Painted Fabric Easter Egg Craft for Kids~ BuggyandBuddy.com


I think these fabric egg suncatchers have to be one of our favorite Easter crafts to date! (Although painting with plastic eggs is super fun too!)

We painted designs onto white fabric, and then turned the finished artwork into egg-shaped suncatchers. I absolutely love how they look hanging up in the window with the sun shining right through the painted fabric! (This post contains affiliate links.)


Easter Craft for Kids: Egg Suncatchers Made with Painted Fabric~ BuggyandBuddy.com

Easter Craft: Fabric Egg Suncatchers

Materials for Fabric Egg Suncatcher Craft

Free Egg Shape Template Printable


Directions for Fabric Egg Suncatcher Craft

1. Use liquid watercolors to paint designs onto your white fabric.  (The watercolors could fade a bit over the years. If you want something permanent, you could try this liquid fabric dye.)


painting fabric with watercolors


2. Let the fabric dry completely. We put ours in the sun to make it dry more quickly. (You can run an iron over it once it’s dry if it seems a bit wrinkled.)


painted fabric drying


3. Print out an egg template to use as a tracer. With a pencil, trace the egg shape onto your colored fabric.


trace an egg shape onto your fabric


Cut out the fabric eggs. (These are our favorite scissors for cutting fabric!)


painted fabric eggs


5. Cut out an egg-shaped frame from either construction paper or colored cardstock. You can use our free egg template as a tracer or simply print the egg shape directly onto your paper using a printer.

6. Glue the frame onto your fabric egg using liquid glue. (We like Tacky Glue.)


glue a paper frame onto your egg suncatcher


7. Trim off any excess fabric sticking out from the edge of the frame.

8. Hang your fabric egg suncatchers in your window! (Poster putty works well for hanging art projects, and you can remove it without damaging surfaces.)


Easter Craft for Kids: Painted Fabric Egg Suncatcher (w/ Free egg shape template)


Optional: You can also hang your eggs from the ceiling to decorate for Easter!  Just tape a piece of string to the top of your egg, and glue another frame onto the back of the egg. Wouldn’t a bunch of these look so cute hanging in the classroom or in your home?


Fabric Easter Egg Suncatcher Craft for Kids

Fabric Easter Egg Suncatcher Craft for Kids


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Fabric Easter Egg Suncatcher Art for Kids: Paint on fabric to make this fun and colorful spring art for kids! - BuggyandBuddy.com


  1. These suncatchers came out beautifully! Thanks for allowing me to share in my Easter Roundup!


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