Baby Bird Plastic Egg Shakers Craft for Kids

Repurpose all those plastic eggs by making this adorable Easter and spring craft for kids- birdseed egg shakers. Once the kids are done using their homemade instruments for all kinds of fun sensory play, they can sprinkle the birdseed around outside!

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Easter Crafts for Kids: Plastic Egg Shakers Filled with Birdseed (Sprinkle the birdseed outside when you're done!)~


I’m always looking for fun ways to reuse those plastic eggs that seem to appear in mass amounts around Easter. (Last year we used our plastic eggs to paint!)

We thought it would be super fun to turn this year’s plastic eggs into adorable baby birds. Not only did we make these cute little chicks, but we filled the plastic eggs with birdseed to make egg shakers! The kids loved that when they were done using the egg shakers, they were able to open the eggs and sprinkle birdseed all around the backyard! (This post contains affiliate links.)


Birdseed Egg Shakers

Materials for Birdseed Egg Shakers


Baby Bird Egg Shakers Filled with Birdseed~


Directions for Birdseed Egg Shakers

1. Start by filling your plastic egg about 1/3 of the way with birdseed. Close the egg securely.

2. Cut out some felt wings, tummy, and beak for your bird.

felt pieces for bird egg shakers


3. Glue the felt pieces to your egg using liquid glue. (We used Tacky Glue since it’s nice and thick.)

4. Glue on two google eyes.

5. Cut some yarn to glue on the top of your baby chick.

Baby Bird Egg Shaker Filled with Birdseed


Now you’re ready to play! Head outside and make all kinds of music with your egg shakers. When you’re finished, you can scatter the birdseed around outside and enjoy some birdwatching in your own backyard!

Baby Bird Egg Shakers Filled with Birdseed~


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Use plastic Easter eggs to make baby bird shakers filled with bird seed! This homemade instrument craft is a fun sensory play activity for spring and perfect for toddlers, preschool, and kindergarten! ~


  1. What a great idea! My kids will love this and so will I! Thx for linking it up at the Thoughtful Spot. I hope you’ll stop by the blog hop today with more of your fun ideas.

  2. When I saw these birds I thought they were so adorable – my niece saw the eyes and brightly colored hair and decided she wanted to make a ‘dolly’ out of her egg. Of course she ended up with a ‘purple egg with pink hair and lips’ creation where we basically used sharpie markers that she absolutely loves to carry around. I didn’t have bird seed on hand so we used rice for the sound effect.

    Thanks for the inspiration!


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