Handprint Reindeer Christmas Ornament Craft for Kids

This adorable handprint reindeer makes the perfect Christmas ornament! It would be a special gift for kids to make their parents for Christmas or a wonderful keepsake for a parent to help a child make.

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Handprint Reindeer Christmas Ornament Craft for Kids- Such a special keepsake! ~ BuggyandBuddy.com


My favorite type of homemade Christmas ornaments are those that make a special keepsake (like our puzzle piece picture frame ornament). This handprint reindeer Christmas ornament is another way to remember how little your child once was. It will always serve as a special memory each year as you decorate your Christmas tree! This post contains affiliate links.


Handprint Reindeer Christmas Ornament

Materials for Handprint Reindeer Christmas Ornament


Directions for Making Handprint Reindeer Ornament

1. Paint a layer of brown paint on your child’s hand using a paintbrush.


2. Have your child spread his/her fingers apart and make a handprint onto the white art paper. (I made a couple just in case one didn’t turn out.)


handprint reindeer craft


3. Let the handprint dry completely.


4. Invite your child to add reindeer details to the handprint using markers. We drew an eye, hooves, antlers, and a tail.


5. Glue a mini red pom pom onto your reindeer for the nose. (Or you can simply draw a red nose using a marker.)


handprint reindeer craft for kids


6. Cut out the finished reindeer. Write your child’s name and the date on the paper.


handprint reindeer craft


7. Mount it onto some background paper.


8. Cut it out again leaving a border. Punch a hole into the top and tie a ribbon for hanging.

Handprint Reindeer Christmas Ornament Craft for Kids

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Handprint Reindeer Christmas Ornament: Simple homemade Christmas ornament art project for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners. Looks just like Rudolph! Makes a great keepsake! ~ BuggyandBuddy.com


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