Homemade Christmas Ornaments: Puzzle Piece Frame

We love making homemade Christmas ornaments! This cute puzzle piece frame Christmas ornament is such an easy craft for kids and only uses a few materials. It’s also a great way to use up all those old puzzle pieces!

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Christmas Crafts for Kids: Puzzle Piece Frame Christmas Ornament~ Buggy and Buddy


Don’t you just love hanging up homemade Christmas ornaments each year? This one is extra special because not only is it kid-made, but it also holds a photo of your child.

Puzzle Piece Frame Homemade Ornament for Kids

I can’t take full credit for this adorable puzzle piece Christmas ornament. I  was first introduced to it by my awesome Kindergarten teaching partners back when I was a classroom teacher. We used to do it with our Kindergarten students each year, and now I love doing it with my own kids at home! It’s very simple and requires just a  few common crafting supplies. (This post contains affiliate links.)


Homemade Christmas Ornament for Kids: Puzzle Piece Christmas Ornament Frame~ Buggy and Buddy

Materials Needed for Puzzle Piece Christmas Ornament

  • Popsicle sticks (You can use any size. I used jumbo craft sticks.)
  • Puzzle pieces
  • Liquid glue
  • White spray paint (optional)
  • Red paint (The kids can paint it on their own with red tempera paint or acrylic paint and a paintbrush, or you can spray it with red spray paint.)
  • Craft ribbon
  • Glue gun or strong liquid glue
  • Photo of your child or student

Directions for Puzzle Piece Christmas Ornament

1. Glue together 4 popsicle sticks to create your frame shape. Be sure to do this ahead of time so it’s dry and ready for the kids to use. I used a hot glue gun so I wouldn’t have to wait too long for it to dry.


Christmas Crafts for Kids: Puzzle Piece/ Popsicle Stick Christmas Ornament Frame


2. Have your child or student glue puzzle pieces around the the frame. There’s no right or wrong way to do it. Some kids like one single layer. Other kids will go around and around!


Glueing puzzle pieces on his Christmas ornament


3. Let the puzzle pieces dry completely.


4. Optional: Paint your ornament with white paint to give it a good base coat. This is helpful if your puzzle pieces are a darker color. Paint your ornament with red paint. It’s fun to let the kids do this on their own with some kid-friendly paint, or you can spray them red with spray paint.


Paint your ornament


5. Once the paint is dry, it’s time to add the ribbon. Tie one piece of ribbon into a little bow and glue on your frame. To hang the ornament, I cut a piece of ribbon and glued it to the back of the frame.


Homemade Christmas Ornament for Kids: Puzzle Piece Christmas Ornament Frame~ Buggy and Buddy


6. Find the perfect photo of your child or student and glue it to the back of the frame. I know some teachers like to take pictures of the kids wearing a Santa hat or reindeer antlers for the finished frame. Those always turn out so adorable.


Homemade Christmas Ornament for Kids: Puzzle Piece Christmas Ornament Frame~ Buggy and Buddy


7. Hang them on your tree year after year to enjoy!


Puzzle Piece and Popsicle Stick Homemade Ornament Craft for Kids

Homemade Christmas Ornament Craft for Kids using popsicle sticks and puzzle pieces. Use craft sticks to make a picture frame ornament- makes a wonderful keepsake or homemade gift! ~ BuggyandBuddy.com


  1. This makes such a cute ornament. I have a ridiculous number of puzzles with missing pieces so I think we’re going to try this! Thanks!

  2. This is a good craft idea to try!

  3. This is a very cute craft. I might try this for a gift this year from the kids. Thank you for sharing and for linking up this week to the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop.

  4. This is one of those crafts that will work for any age! Thanks for sharing with Afterschool!

  5. We have missing puzzle pieces!!! Now, we have gifts! thank you!

  6. I think this is a really great idea – looks fantastic and recycling too!

  7. Hi Chelsey! I just wanted to let you know that I linked to you on AllFreeKidsCrafts 🙂 this picture frame ornament is absolutely adorable!

  8. I love this classic craft – looks great and lasts for years! Thanks so much for linking up.

  9. Love this idea and will feature it too. Thank you kindly

  10. Anonymous says:

    what size photo do you use? i am in the process of doing thses and i can’t decide how i should print their photos?

    • My photos were 4 x 6, but I cut them down to a square shape, so they ended up being more 4 x 4. You can always adjust the popsicle stick placement a bit to help too!


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