Geometry for Kids: Nine-Square Paper Quilt Design

Use this free printable template to create paper quilt designs using squares. This geometry for kids activity is perfect for practicing spatial awareness, encouraging creativity, and can even be used as a collaborative art project!

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Creating Designs and Patterns with 9 square paper quilt templates! (FREE printable)~

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Creating a 9-Square Paper Quilt

This activity was super easy to prepare and provided both my first grader and preschooler with so many learning opportunities! (This post contains affiliate links.)

Materials for 9-Square Paper Quilt Activity

Geometry Activity for Kids: 9-square template

Making Your 9-Square Quilt

1. Cut your construction paper into 2-inch squares. Each child will need 9 squares. (We started with just two colors, but you could try using as many as you’d like.)

2. Give each child a free 9-square template. Place the squares and glue sticks out for the kids to use.

3. Practice arranging the squares onto the template. Try creating different designs and patterns.

create patterns and designs with paper squares

4. Once you’ve found a design you like, glue the squares into place.

Geometry for Kids: Glue paper squares to make quilt designs and patterns

5. Make some more 9-square quilts. How many different patterns can you create?

6. If doing this activity with a large group of children, have the kids discuss the other patterns created by their classmates.  They can even cut out their quilt squares and combine them with others to create a group quilt!


  • This activity can even be a great learning opportunity for preschoolers. Theo (age 3) loved practicing how to use a glue stick to glue his squares onto his template- great fine motor practice. He was also proud of the pattern he created- “green, pink, green”!

preschool activity- learning about squares

  • Lucy created four quilt squares using the same pattern so she could put them all together to create a larger quilt. (She says she is going to use it for her stuffed animals!)

Creating Designs and Patterns with 9 square paper quilt templates! (FREE printable)~


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  1. I really like this idea. Recently I designed my own fair isle sweater and created similar designs and patterns. This is an excellent activity for the kids.

  2. Thanks for the activity. It is really a great learning opportunity for my preschooler.

  3. Thanks for this activity. My preschooler will like it.

  4. Post it notes… make a quilt on the wall!


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