3-D Spookley the Pumpkin Math Activity

Create your own model of a 3-D Spookley the Pumpkin using straws and pipe cleaners. This is a fun, hands-on math activity perfect for exploring geometry this Halloween! Follow our Math for Kids Pinterest board!       *Meets Common Core Standards: K.G.A.1, K.G.A.2, K.G.A.3, K.G.B.4, K.G.B.5, K.G.B.6. *This post contains affiliate links.   The Legend of Spookley the […]

Geometry for Kids: Nine-Square Paper Quilt Design

Use this free printable template to create paper quilt designs using squares. This geometry for kids activity is perfect for practicing spatial awareness, encouraging creativity, and can even be used as a collaborative art project! Are you following our Math for Kids Pinterest board?   Recently we’ve been learning all about quilts! Studying quilts can provide […]

Geometry for Kids: Quilt Activity Using Triangles (Free Printable)

Children can create all kinds of designs using triangles with this free printable four-square quilt template. This geometry activity for kids provides all kinds of practice in spatial awareness and is perfect for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade. Follow our Math for Kids Pinterest board!     One of my favorite themes to do with children is quilts! Studying […]

Heart Marshmallow Toothpick Structures

Marshmallow toothpick structures are always a hit with kids, and these heart-shaped marshmallows and toothpicks are all you need for this fun STEM / STEAM activity for Valentine’s Day! Be sure to check out all our Valentine’s Day ideas for kids!   My kids and students have always loved building with marshmallows and toothpicks (and we’ve also created […]

Geometry for Kids: Finding Shapes at the Playground

Kids can learn all about shapes right on the playground! Next time you head outside to play, you can also explore math in this fun shape hunt. Just print out our free shape hunt printable and go searching for shapes at the playground with this fun geometry activity for children! Follow our Math for Kids […]