Drawing Prompt for Let’s Play by Herve Tullet

Here’s a fun drawing prompt for kids of all ages inspired by Herve Tullet‘s newest book, Let’s Play! In this simple invitation to create, children can create pieces of art or even make their own books.

We received the book Let’s Play! for free and are absolutely in love with it! 

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Invitation to Create inspired by Herve Tullet's children's book, Let's Play!


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We are huge fans of Herve Tullet’s children’s books. I absolutely love the interactive nature of the stories- the kids are always so enthusiastic as they’re reading them.

One of my favorite things about the books is they always seem to inspire so much creativity. My kids have played with Press Here inspired playdough, made Press Here necklaces, made their own Press Here math tossing game, and explored mixing colors after reading Mix it Up!


Children’s Books by Herve Tullet

Press Here

Mix it Up! 


I think Herve Tullet’s newest book, Let’s Play!, is Theo’s favorite. He loves following the yellow dot on an adventure thoughout the story and  tracing each and every line in the book with his finger as we read.

Theo’s enthusiastic response to Let’s Play! inspired me to set up this simple invitation to create based on the story.


Drawing Prompt Inspired by the Book, Let’s Play!


Materials for Let’s Play! Drawing Prompt


Invitation to Create inspired by Herve Tullet's children's book, Let's Play!

Setting Up and Using the Invitation to Create

After children have had the chance to enjoy the story, Press Here!, place all the materials for the invitation to create on a table so they’re easily accessible. (I like to cover our table with a small drop cloth so there’s no worry about art materials getting on the table.)

Then just watch the kids get busy creating!

I love how this prompt is perfect for any age. My preschooler enjoyed creating designs with the stickers and drawing materials. He even dictated words he wanted me to write for him on each page. This was a huge step for him in his writing development and self-confidence! (Once he was done with this activity, he even created a spin off book full of his very own mazes.)

Invitation to Create inspired by Herve Tullet's Let's Play!


Lucy (age 8) was inspired to make a book just like Herve Tullet’s. She created scenarios for the yellow dot similar to those in Let’s Play!  She couldn’t wait to staple it together and read it to me when she was done!

Invitation to Create inspired by Herve Tullet's Let's Play!


This activity is perfect for setting up at home. I had it ready for the kids to do after they were done playing outside. It would also be a fun classroom center!



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let's play drawing prompt for kids


  1. very cool. I have an idea for you. you should make an art project inspired by miss. perigrines home for pecuilar children. They draw there own charecter and their powers.

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