7 Unique Mother’s Day Gifts for Kids to Give Mom

If you’re looking for some creative gift ideas for Mom you’ll definitely want to check out this list. Here are 7 really unique Mother’s Day gifts kids can give to Mom!

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 7 Unique Mother's Day Gift Ideas

There were so many great ideas linked up to last week’s Mother’s Day themed Discover & Explore, including some I had never seen before. I’ve included them in this roundup of unique Mother’s Day gifts for kids to give Mom! (This post contains affiliate links. Thank you so much for your support.)


7 Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Kids to Give Mom

1. I would just love to receive this musical massage shirt from Lalymom! I’d get a nice back massage while the kids played their instruments. It’s a win-win! 

2. Wouldn’t it be fun to wake up to this special Mother’s Day breakfast from Katie’s Crochet Goodies & Crafts?

3. Kids can encourage Mom to take them on more walks with this Fitbit! (I love seeing how many steps I’ve taken each day!) 

4. This Mom’s Five-Second Memory Journal would be perfect for that busy mom. 

5. Here’s a unique homemade gift for Mother’s Day from Powerful Mothering- a potpourri box made from popsicle sticks

6. My kids made these colorful handprint art cork boards. They’re perfect for hanging coupons and little notes! 

7. Give Mom the gift on Zentangle! Moms will love taking a few minutes a day to do these unique drawing exercises. (You could even use them to do some parent-child art journaling!)

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