Unique Paper Vase and Flower Craft for Kids

Here’s a fun and unique flower craft for kids using paper- perfect for spring or Mother’s Day! You’ll be using paper to make a 3-D flower and patterned paper to create a symmetrical vase. You can keep your finished creation as artwork to hang up, or use it as the front cover of a homemade card.

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Paper Vase and Flower Craft for Kids~ Buggy and Buddy


Do you remember making paper vases from wallpaper samples when you were a child? For some reason that’s one of my most vivid memories from my school days. Since I loved it so much as a child, I decided to recreate the craft for my kids! We used colorful origami paper to make our paper vases (in lieu of the wallpaper samples from when I was a child) and then added some paper flowers.


This flower craft would be wonderful for spring or for decorating a homemade Mother’s Day card! (One of our previous Mother’s Day crafts has a free printable you can use for the inside of a Mother’s Day card.) This post contains affiliate links. 


Paper Vase and Flower Craft for Kids

Materials for Paper Flower Craft

Directions for Paper Flower Craft

1. Fold your patterned paper in half. Starting at the folded edge, cut a curvy line into the paper and come back out at the folded edge. Open it up to reveal your vase!


2. Glue your vase onto your white paper, and draw a green stem for your flower.


paper vase craft


3. Make your flower and glue it on top of the stem. (Two versions of paper flowers you can make are listed below.)


paper flower craft


To Make the Paper Flower Using Construction Paper (older children)

Cut out two rectangles (4 in. x 5 in.) from construction paper.


cut two rectangles


Fold them in half so the resulting rectangle is 2 in. x 5 in.




Place one on top of the other, lined up the same way. Place a few staples along the side opposite the folded edge.


staple strips together along open edge


Cut slits along the folded edge.


cut slits along folded edge


Roll up your paper. Staple or glue into place.




Bend down the petals.


bend down petals


Snip the underside of the flower and fold down the tabs to make it easy to glue onto your paper.


snip tabs


Add glue to the tabs and glue on top of your green stem.


glue bottom of flower

glue on top of stem


Fill in the center of your flower. I used small pompoms, but you could use scraps of yarn or even color it in with a crayon or marker.


put pompoms in center of flower


To Make the Tissue Paper Flower (younger or older children)

Crumple up a square of tissue paper and glue it on top of your stem.


crumple tissue paper


Crumple up more squares of tissue paper and glue them around the first piece of tissue paper. Continue doing this until you are happy with the size of your flower.


finished tissue paper flower


It’s always fun to see the various finished projects kids make! Here’s one made by Theo’s 4 year old friend, Miss B! Isn’t it adorable!


tissue paper flower made by 4 year old


Unique Paper Flower Craft for Kids


Paper Flower Craft for Kids


Unique Paper Flower Craft for Kids- Perfect for spring or Mother's Day! Make a 3-D flower and patterned, symmetrical vase. ~ BuggyandBuddy.com


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