New Year’s Eve with Kids: Countdown Clock Craft Using Paper Plates

Help kids countdown to the new year with these paper plate countdown clocks. Children will love using the movable clock hands to count down each hour until the start of the new year!

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New Year's Eve Activity for Kids: Paper Plate Countdown Clocks~


We love celebrating the arrival of a new year together as a family. This year I thought it’d be fun to make something the kids could use to countdown each hour until midnight (if they manage to stay up that long!).

These countdown clocks are made from paper plates and have movable hands so kids can move them at each hour. (And they can even be used later on for practice telling time.) They can be decorated as simply or as elaborately as you want. I’ll show you a few examples below, but there’s pretty much endless possibilities as far as decorating them. (This post contains affiliate links.)


New Year's Eve Activity for Kids: Paper Plate Countdown Clocks~

New Year’s Eve Countdown Clock Craft for Kids


Materials for Countdown Clock Craft

Directions for Making Countdown Clock Craft

1. Start by making the numbers on your paper plate clock face. You can use number stickers or write them with a Sharpie.


add numbers to your clock craft


2. Cut out two clock hands for your clock using cardstock or foam sheets. (We used glittery foam sheets for ours.)


3. Punch a hole in each clock hand. Poke a hole in the center of your plate. Attach the clock hands to your clock with a brad.


add the clock hands to your paper plate clock


4. Decorate your clock! Here’s a few options:


Spread glue around the edge of your plate, and cover it with glitter. Shake off the excess glitter to make a glittery clock.


add glitter to your paper plate clock

New Year's Eve with Kids: Countdown Clock Craft for Kids


Glue some large sequins around the edge of your plate. We used some star sequins.


embellish your clock with star sequins


Punch holes around the edge of your plate. Twist some pipe cleaners through the holes. (You can make them spiral by wrapping them around a pencil.)


New Year's Paper Plate Clock Craft for Kids


Other ideas for decorating your clock:

  • Add stickers and/or foam stickers around the edge.
  • Paint your clock.
  • Use crayons or markers to decorate the edges.


5. (Optional) To help Theo understand when the new year would arrive, I attached a glittery ‘2015’ to the top of the clock with a popsicle stick and some glue. Now he can visually see the when the new year will start- when both clock hands point up to the ‘2015’!


New Year's Eve Activity for Kids: Paper Plate Countdown Clocks~


Now your children are ready to count down to the new year! At each hour help your child move the clock hands one hour closer to midnight!


paper plate countdown clock craft for new year's eve


Paper Plate Countdown Clock: Count down the hours until the new year with this festive clock craft for kids! (Fun math activity for New Year's Eve!) ~


  1. OK, now THESE are Cool!!! We are SOO making these! Going to share them on my blog too! Hopefully I will get a chance to do that before New Years passes LOL! Wish you a Happy New Year! 😀


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