10 Fun Summer Activities for Kids that Promote Learning

Just because the school year is about to end doesn’t mean the learning has to end too. Check out our list of 10 fun summer activities for kids that promote learning!

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10 Summer Activities for Kids that Promote Learning~ Buggy and Buddy

1. Check Out Local Summer Camps or Create Your Own

Check your local area for summer camps for kids. Often places you wouldn’t even think of have summer programs. We’ve found all kinds of fun activities going on this summer at local museums, parks, sports centers, and even at dance and gymnastics studios!

Can’t find any nearby camps? Get together with some local families and put your own together! Here’s over 50 summer camp inspired activities from Kids Activities Blog to get you started!

2. Become Birdwatchers

One of our favorite hobbies as a family is birdwatching. It’s the perfect hobby for summer since you can do it right at home, and you can go birding on family vacations too!

  • Print out this free birdwatching book printable to record all the backyard birds you discover.
  • Build some bird feeders together and hang them around your yard to encourage your local birds to visit.
  • Purchase a bird guide (like this one from National Geographic) to help you identify birds.

3. Set Up a Summer Nature Table

As you take family walks and hikes, your children are sure to find all kinds of nature treasures. Set up a summer nature table somewhere in your home for your children to display all their finds!

4. Start a Rock Collection

One of my favorite hobbies as a child was collecting rocks! Go to the library with your child and check out some books on rock collecting. Take walks together to find rocks to add to the collection. 52 Brand New has some great Tips for Starting a Rock Collection.

5. Help Children Create Their Own Garden

Find a special spot in the yard to become your child’s very own garden! Help them choose some plants at the local nursery to plant in the garden and care for throughout the summer all on their own. You could even get your child his or her own set of gardening tools and a watering can. Kids Activities Blog has a great collection of gardening tips!

6. Visit Your Local Museums

Set aside time to take some trips to your local museums. Vow to visit a museum with the kids that you’ve never been to before!

7. Do Lots of Outdoor Art

Take advantage of the wonderful summer weather by doing some messy art outside! Here’s some fun art projects to get you started:

8. Involve the Kids in Planning a Backyard Picnic

Pick a day to have a family picnic outside, and involve your children in the planning. Encourage them to help you make your shopping list, go with you to buy the food, and help prepare the meal. (You could even make this a weekly event!)

9. Find a Penpal for Your Kids

Kids absolutely LOVE getting mail! Find a relative or family friend for your child to correspond with over the summer. Even if your child is not ready to write on his or her own, have your child draw pictures and send photographs along with a dictated letter you write for them.

10. Create a Summer Book Nook

Gather together a basket of books (like our summer book set) and find a special spot to read outside every day. This super simple 5 minute backyard teepee from Mama Papa Bubba would be the perfect place!


What would you add to this list of summer learning fun?


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  1. We are looking forward to summer and trying to set some goals for our 7 year old. One of them is to learn a new skill – such as sewing a button from start to finish on her own and learning to fold several easy origami patterns.


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