Encouraging Creativity in Writing with a Simple Book Making Center

Here is a simple way to encourage writing in both the home or classroom- a simple bookmaking center! All you need is a few common supplies, and kids can create their very own books.

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encourage writing with a book making center for kids


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This stapler was the one bit of magic I needed to get Lucy to take off in writing stories. The second I bought it, she began stapling papers together and the book making began! (It’s also my most favorite stapler by the way. I’ve got this one at home and a blue one in the classroom.)


red stapler



I like to have many pre-stapled books available for the kids in a simple book making center. You simply fold some blank paper in half with a construction paper cover and staple them together.

I put the blank books and some writing utensils out where they are easily accessible. It’s very inviting and both kids always enjoy using it. To keep it fresh, I sometimes switch out the crayons for colored pencils or add some new blank books or stickers. Even just moving it to another location in the house seems to draw them back in.


easy book making center for kids



Depending on what stage your child is in writing, he or she might ask you for some assistance. Lucy usually likes to do the front cover, dedication page (she just started doing that after noticing it in all the books we read), and illustrations herself. Sometimes she will write some of the sentences, but usually she likes to dictate it to me as I write. This provides a great opportunity for modeling how to sound out words (I’ll sound out each word as I’m writing) and how to use correct punctuation.


easy book making center for kids


Theo just loves doing all the work on his own!


easy book making center for kids


easy book making center for kids


We also keep a separate basket out to hold all the completed books. We put it right under our seasonal books where it’s sure to be seen and used frequently. (Lucy often chooses her own homemade books for her bedtime stories!) She feels proud to have them read and displayed in the house for everyone to see!


book display idea for kids


Tip: We use Ikea spice racks as book shelves. They are perfect for displaying books!


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Encourage writing and creativity with a simple book making center. Perfect for home or in the preschool, kindergarten, or first grade classroom! Helps develop a love of reading, writing, spelling, and learning!


  1. Room 21 says:

    Nice blog. Room 21 is impressed.

  2. We do the same thing! Except my kiddo is just starting to learn to write, so I write down his stories for him, or I write down a story he loves to hear, or just something we do during the day. He loves it when we read them, and they’re kept on the bookshelf with the other books. This reminds me to make another round of them…I think we’re almost out. We haven’t made one in a few weeks. Now that he’s trying to make letters, he might be more interested in doing some of the writing and drawing now.

    • Isn’t it so thrilling as the kids go through the stages of writing?! I absolutely love every little step they take from scribbles, to trying some letters, hearing their stories!

  3. Great post – it’s such a fun and valuable activity even when they can’t write!


  4. Placing the writing center on the fireplace where the kids can easily reach everything is a great idea.

  5. I really like this book making area. I’ve made books like this from time to time for my kids, but haven’t just made a bunch and left for them to create. I think I’ll give it a try. Visiting from TGIF!

  6. Hi! I can relate to this post very much as my 5 year old is loving doing the same thing with writing. He is loves making his own books and I love it too. I love to watch him read it back to me too! I need to create a few more blank ones for him. I love how you put them in a prominent place near your fireplace. Thanks for sharing!
    Trina @ teachingmyblessings.blogspot.com
    PS-visiting from Cheerios and lattes

  7. The preschool teacher in me is jumping up and down right now! So fun and so meaningful! LOVE IT! 🙂

  8. What a great idea!! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!


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