Weaving on a Family or Classroom Weaving Loom with Kids

Providing the opportunity for children to explore weaving is such a beneficial activity. Here’s how to encourage weaving in your home or classroom with a large weaving loom!

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Using a large weaving loom with kids in the home or classroom~ Buggy and Buddy


Weaving is such a beautiful activity full of learning potential for any age: from discovering patterns and textures to encouraging growth in fine motor skills and eye hand coordination. We’ve made homemade weaving looms from popsicle sticks to encourage weaving, and we also love using our large weaving loom at home. (This post contains affiliate links.)


Weaving with Kids on a Large Weaving Loom

Quite a while back we bought a classroom loom from Discount School Supply. We have absolutely loved it! I frequently tear old fabric into strips, cut extra ribbon or yarn pieces, and place them in a basket for the kids to use for weaving.


Using a Large Weaving Loom with Kids (Such a fun way to use scraps of fabric and ribbon!)~ Buggy and Buddy


What I especially love about the large weaving loom that it’s useful for so many ages. Theo (22 months) likes to pick out fabric from the basket and help me put it into the loom. Even though he’s not actually weaving, he’s so proud to be sticking pieces inside our creation and adding to the family project! And it’s been so fun watching Lucy progress from where Theo is at now, to actually being able to weave completely on her own.


Weaving with a Large Loom Using Fabric Scraps and Ribbons (Great for Classrooms!)~ Buggy and Buddy


Having a giant loom is such a fun way to work cooperatively on one beautiful piece of artwork! It’s been so nice to have in our home, and it would also be a wonderful addition to any classroom!


Using a large weaving loom in the home or classroom

Where to Buy

We bought our loom from Discount School Supply. You can find it here: The Classroom Loom.

classroom weaving loom



Be sure to also check out 15+ Unique Homemade Looms for Weaving!


Using a large weaving loom in the classroom or home: Cooperative project for students and families that work on patterns, fine motor skills, and eye hand coordination. ~ BuggyandBuddy.com


  1. Ooh- I didn’t know you could buy a large loom like this. We just encountered one of these yesterday at the Children’s Museum, and it looked like kids were LOVING it.

    • Ahsan Mayo says:

      I’ve been struggling to find something inexpensive that LittleMan could use for his weaving practice. This is the perfect DIY solution to my problem! Thank you!

      Found you via Its Playtime.

  2. What do you do with your weavings when they’re finished? Do they stay together well even though the spacing is so large? Thanks !Dena

    • We always just take them apart, Dena, and make new ones. It’d be fun to save one though! The loom did come with an instruction pamphlet, as well as some dowels to use for hanging finished pieces so it’s got to be possible. 🙂

  3. Helen Skiles says:

    Where do you buy this loom

    • Hi Helen- Sorry it wasn’t clear where to find the loom in the post. I just updated it with a link at the end. It’s from Discount School Supply. 🙂

    • I bought a similar loom at Target for my classroom. It can be adjusted to different sizes and shapes about 20.00 in cost


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