Fall Nature Table

Do you have a nature table or nature area in your home? Today I’m so excited to share how we display nature treasures in our home! 

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Fall Nature Table: Setting Up a Nature Area in Your Home.~ Buggy and Buddy


Our nature area is such a well loved little corner of our home. It’s where we display all the little nature treasures the kids bring in from outside, allowing the kids to reflect on the current season.

We use a 3-tiered table as our nature area, but I’ve seen other people use regular tables, shelves, or even just a little corner of a room. I like to make sure the table is located where the kids can easily access it since Lucy and Theo love playing with all the nature treasures they’ve found. You will often find them reorganizing our nature table or adding new things to it themselves.


Fall Nature Table: Setting Up a Nature Area in Your Home.~ Buggy and Buddy


I also love that it’s located right near our seasonal books. In addition to the kids experiencing the hands-on benefits of the nature table itself, the various genres of seasonal books nearby encourage them to make connections with the season and the world around them. 


Fall Nature Table: Setting Up a Nature Area in Your Home.~ Buggy and Buddy


Our nature table is slowly transitioning to fall. The wooden squirrel usually makes his appearance about this time of year, and we often start finding fall leaves and pinecones nearby. Lucy and Theo love adding those little nature treasures to the table! I love watching how our nature area transitions with the season.  


Fall Nature Table: Setting Up a Nature Area in Your Home.~ Buggy and Buddy


How do you display your child’s nature treasures?


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  1. Love your 3 tiered approach! What a splendid idea in so many ways!

    It’s interesting living in a warm climate when talking about “seasonal” nature tables. We live in Florida and, after living here for 2 years, we’re starting to observe the subtle seasonal changes. I do miss “Fall” as others know it, but it’s been nice to hone our Wonder and Observation skills to see how autumn is different from summer — even on the Gulf Coast (:

    glad to find yo uon the link up (:

    • That’s so true! We just moved away from a city where we experienced the seasons more drastically than where we are currently. It’s been a great learning experience and definitely does lend itself to honing in on those observation skills as you said.

  2. That nature stand is sweet! I would love to find one like it. Do you know of any places that sell them?

    • We bought ours a few years ago at The Wooden Wagon online. It’s been a great addition to our home! I’ve seen so many other nature tables around on Pinterest too.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I agree with Hannah, love the nature table & thanks for sharing the link where you got it. I love the leaves you added to the book shelf, it’s really cute!

  4. What a lovely Nature Table. I LOVE it’s shape.
    Thanks for sharing on Friday’s Nature Table.
    Blessings and Magic,

  5. That stand is beautiful! Such a great way to Put together a nature table. Your book display shelves to the side work so well for seasonal (literary) decorating. Where did you get them?

    • buggy & buddy says:

      Thanks, Angela! They are actually spice racks from IKEA~ only $3.99 a piece! I can’t take credit for the idea though, I’ve been seeing others doing the same thing all over Pinterest! Lucy is actually in the process of painting some for her room. Will post pictures once they’re hung.

  6. I love the stacked look of the nature table. And thanks for the tip on the Ikea spice racks. It was great to see you on Waldorf Wednesday. Hope to see you again this week!

  7. Thanks for sharing on Tuesday Tots. I’d love a cool table/display thinggy like that! Awesome for a classroom too!. I’ll be featuring this idea this coming Tuesday so you’re welcome to grab a featured button from the sidebar. 🙂

    • buggy & buddy says:

      Yay, thank you! So excited! I agree, would be so fun for a classroom. When I go back to teaching one day….

  8. Oh, how fun!! I love your nature table! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!

  9. I love the photos of your sweet boy with the pumpkins. 🙂

  10. Cute!

  11. I bet your kids love using the nature table. What a great idea! Thanks for linking up to my Enchanted Thursdays Blog Hop!

  12. Thanks for linking up on Eco Kids. This is great! Our nature table has been put away since we moved, but just two weeks ago we made a nature mobile. I will pin this and share it on Facebook. Thanks!

  13. My daughter puts all her nature finds on our Buddha statue by the front garden 🙂 Rocks, leaves, sticks, flowers, all on his lap, shoulders and head! A very decorated statue!

  14. Love this post! We are excited to be putting together a nature table of our own this year- such a great tradition!

  15. I love your display table! I wonder if my husband could whip one up for me! We always intend to bring home our treasures but they either get left in the car or lost somewhere along the way!

    Nipping over from the Outdoor Play Party.

  16. hi, would love to add this to my fall round up post from last year i am updating with more links. Let me know if thats ok to use a photo:)

  17. Thanks for sharing this at Mom’s Library! Featuring you this week!

  18. I love your display table!! We love to watch our nature friends that go right through our property (road runners, coyotes, bunnies, squirrels, snakes, and even more). Thank you for linking up this week to the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop 🙂

  19. What a beautiful nature table!! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!

  20. Not only is your nature table a wonderful learning opportunity, but it’s truly stunning too! I am so going to have to do this in our home! Thanks for linking this up to the After School Linky Party!

  21. This is a lovely idea. I’m going to have to make space for a nature table in our house too!


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