Fall Art Projects for Kids: Textured Pumpkins Using Crayon Rubbings

These textured pumpkins are one of the easiest fall art projects for kids! This fall activity provides a great way for kids to explore textures while creating pumpkin art!

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Super easy art project for fall! (Texture Pumpkin: Fall Art Project for Kids~ BuggyandBuddy.com)


Recently Lucy came home so excited about an art project she had done at school. Her art teacher had shown the kids how to use crayons to find different textures around the playground and use those textures to create a picture.


I decided to build off her excitement by putting an autumn spin onto the project! We used crayon rubbings to created these textured pumpkins! This post contains affiliate links. 

Textured Pumpkins 

Materials for Textured Pumpkins

Directions for Textured Pumpkins

Use your black marker to draw a large pumpkin onto your paper. Divide the pumpkin into sections.


Select some crayons to use in your picture. We found different shades of orange for our pumpkin, brown for our stem, and greens for our background.


Textured Pumpkin Fall Art for Kids


Here’s the fun part! Walk around looking for interesting textures. Once you’ve found one, place your picture over the texture and rub your crayon onto your paper, coloring in a portion of your picture.  The texture will leave an interesting design on your paper! Try to find a different texture for each section of your picture!


Texture Pumpkin: Fall Art Project for Kids


We looked both inside and outdoors for our textures. Inside we found interesting textures on Lego building plates, a placemat, and our walls. There were all kinds of unusual textures outside too- on the patio, screen doors, tree stumps, and leaves!


I love how simple this fall art project is- really no prep involved at all, and it’s such a great sensory experience for the kids!


Texture Pumpkin: Fall Art Project for Kids~ BuggyandBuddy.com

*This post was originally published on September 14, 2014 and has since been updated.


Texture Pumpkin Art Project for Kids



Fall Art Project for Kids: Make texture pumpkin rubbings using crayons! Fun Halloween craft for kindergarten, first grade and on up! ~ BuggyandBuddy.com


  1. The hunt for textures would be part of the fun in this art project! I love the finished product too!

  2. Keeping with the autumn theme, I think this would be fun to do with leaves too.

  3. Wow..this craft activity is so cool! I will have to try this with my own kids.

  4. what a great idea! pinning!

  5. This looks like a lot of fun to make!

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  6. My 3-year-olds had a great time with this. A fun, easy activity with items we had at home. Thanks for sharing!


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