Sunflower Egg Carton Craft for Kids

This sunflower egg carton craft for kids is perfect for summer or fall. You’ll only need a few materials to create this simple flower craft, and the activity is suitable for a wide variety of ages!

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Sunflower Egg Carton Craft for Kids ~


Kids will love being able to transform an egg carton into a bright and cheerful sunflower! The process is super simple and uses supplies you most likely already have right at home or in the classroom.

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Sunflower Egg Carton Craft for Kids


Materials for Sunflower Egg Carton Craft

Sunflower Egg Carton Craft for Kids


Directions for Making the Sunflower Egg Carton Craft

1. Use scissors to cut off one section of your egg carton and round the edge.


2. Cut from the outer edge towards the center numerous times. Try to space out your cuts somewhat evenly.


3. Press the resulting petals down to create your sunflower shape.


cut your egg carton into a flower shape


4. Paint your egg carton sunflower yellow. We used a couple coats of acrylic paint.


paint your egg carton flower yellow


5. Crumple up little squares of brown tissue paper and glue them into the center of your sunflower. (You can also use mini pompoms or even real sunflower seeds.)


use tissue paper to make the center of your flower


6. Cut out some stems and leaves from your green construction paper.


cut out stems and leaves from your construction paper


7. Glue the stems, leaves, and sunflower tops onto your white paper to create your sunflower art!


Sunflower Egg Carton Craft for Kids ~



Egg Carton Sunflower Craft for Kids: Make these cheerful 3-D sunflowers for Mother's Day or as a fall or summer art project for kids! ~


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